Strictly Come Dancing Results – First for the chop!

Hey there!

Since my blog seems to be my newfound friend I decided that rather than It Takes Two, I would tackle the [It’s-not-actually-Sunday] Sunday results show! At the end of this (what should be!) short blog post, feel free to drop me a line and let me know if you agree with the result! And, I assume, tonight we get to see Mr Cole’s professional dance – or else this choreographing for nothing may be a sign Strictly is going down the swanny!

Last night saw all 14 couples take to the floor in a spectacularly long show full of the good (most couples), the bad (Edwina) and the downright awful (Nancy). In case you missed it the show or just skipped over the blog (how could you?! Winking smile), my review of last nights show can be read here.

I hear music…it’s 7.25pm on a very cold Sunday night and it’s time…it’s time for 14 to become 13 in this – the first – un-live results show of the series!

Professional dance

Woop! Oh, Lady Gaga again! Some skimpy and colourful costumes in there! My brain seems to be thinking that those black straps must either itch or be too tight? And the BBC cuts have clearly hit the button sewing department this year – not that many will be complaining! Again, no comments from me on the dancing as I can’t dance apart from saying THAT WAS AMAZING!!! *squeals like a fangirl*

Tonight sees a performance from Will Young (listen, hear the sound of the barrel being scraped?), some weird set on legs (? sorry Claud, I wasn’t listening) and a no doubts stupidly long-winded reveal of the eliminated couple. And Claudia is back! I LOVE HER. I’ve met her. She called me cute. She, in fairness, was at my house and I was in Year 2 though.

Saved: Robbie and Ola (or Oh-la), Lulu and Brendan, Jason and Kristina, Alex and James, Holly and Artem (*really* not shocked) and Chelsee and Pasha.

Potential elimination alert: Audley and Natalie

Will Young

Trousers on too tight. The less said the better.

What on earth are the professionals doing? And why won’t the lights stay on? Ah, that’s better. Oh wait, they’re not ours. Right, boo.


This is for It Takes Two. Get it off my screen and carry on with the procrastination of results! I must confess that I am not actually paying attention. I am stalking twitter and seeing the ghastly reaction to Will’s dancers – I think we vote ‘no’ to bringing ones own dancers.

Broadway padding

What is this? This show has gone down the swanny tonight. No, me neither Bruno. I am cringing as well – my jaw hurts; you should see me. And shouldn’t it be ‘West End’? England!

I’ve forgotten why I am watching this! Oh yes, results.

Saved: Anita and Robin (dress up like wine gums next week?), Rory and Erin, Dan and Katya, Harry and Aliona, Russell and Flavia (woop!) and Nancy and Anton

Potential elimination alert: Edwina and Vincent


I wish.



So, I was wrong..but she was my second choice. I just hope Nancy is next. Do you agree? Tell me below!

So it’s time to book those tickets as we are off to New York! It’s Broadway week next week! 6.25pm on Saturday!

See you then. I can’t wait!

Natasha x


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  1. Great Blog Again Natasha 🙂 I think you have hit the nail on the head – the results show looks a bit tired with too much padding (to be fair my twitter feed shows the same feeling against the X Factor results so maybe people are just sick of this type of format).

    For SCD, the fact that the show isn’t live (and most people know that) makes it difficult to take seriously in the first place. This is especially the case when you (I) want to wish celebs/dancers on twitter good luck, pre-recorded results show makes that very false. The whole thing needs a bit of a rethink and a large dollop of imagination.

    As far as the result goes, not a massive shock – Edwina tried hard to be warm and fun but in places it didn’t quite come off. If not this week, she would have gone next week, so perhaps this was a merciful end.


  2. Totally agree with the above. 😉
    Thanks again Natashapee Think I will just move on to ITT and foget about doing the iplayer thing. :-*


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