2011 Line-Up revealed!!!

Hi all,

Following tonight’s official The One Show announcement ahead of Saturday’s launch show, here is the line-up for Strictly Come Dancing 2011.

I’m not so sure myself but we shall see…could be a good one! Learning to love some new celebrities!

So here it is:

Robbie Savage – Ex-Footballing star.
Audley Harrison – Boxer.
Holly Valance – former ‘Neighbours’ actress and pop star.
– Sixties pop star.
Jason Donovan – former ‘Neighbours’ star and former West End Joseph
Alex JonesThe One Show lady
Rory Bremner – impressionist
Russell Grant – astrologer
Edwina Currie – former politician (former Conservative MP and Junior Health Minister) turned broadcaster/writer
Nancy Dell’Olio – Sven Goran Eriksson’s ex/Lawyer
Harry Judd – Mcfly Drummer
Dan Lobb Daybreak sports guy
Anita Dobson
– Was Angie Watts in EastEnders
Chelsee Healey – Janeece Bryant in Waterloo Road

What do you think?

SO, here are my PREDICTIONS! Although this is my opinion blog, these are not my preferences – they are as they are as I think this may be how the tide goes. Plus, it is a fun game.

Have a go at it yourself!

Robbie Savage – Katya/Erin/Kristina
Audley Harrison – Nat (height?!)
Holly Valance – James
– Vincent/Anton
Jason Donovan – Flavia/Aliona
Alex Jones – Brendan
Rory Bremner – Erin/Flavia
Russell Grant – Katya (bad feeling)
Edwina Currie – Anton (got to be..)/Vincent (he was left hanging in the final 2 for Ann last year!)
Nancy Dell’Olio –Pasha
Harry Judd – Ola/Kristina
Dan Lobb –Aliona/Nat
Anita Dobson
– Robin/Artem
Chelsee Healey – Artem/Robin

My opinion on the line-up

I think both Harry Judd and Holly Valance will bring in swarms of fans with their looks and also their association with the younger generation via their music careers – this is why I think they would be perfect for the Jordan’s as they could be a great contest within the show! Ola and James showdown! I think Anita Dobson and Jason Donovan…and probably Lulu for that matter will be a hit with the public as they are all well known and loved by all because of their successful past careers! Hopefully they all have moves though!

Not that struck by the line-up myself but it could be a present surprise…we’ll see. Hopefully here *raises glass* is to a good series!


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  1. I am sure we will learn to love/hate them as usual 😉


  2. Holly Vallance “pop star” DEBATABLE!!!!! She had one song which was a Vague hit! looks like someone’s short of cash! 😛


  3. Harry Judd – Ola Jordan/Flavia Cacace
    Russel Grant – Flavia Cacace/Kristina Rihanoff
    Rory Bremner – Natalie Lowe/Aliona
    Dan Lobb – Erin Boag/Ola Jordan
    Audley Harrison – Katya Virshilas/Natalie Lowe
    Jason Donovan – Kristina Rihanoff/Katya Virshilas
    Robbie Savage – Aliona Vilani/Erin Boag

    Anita Dobson – James Jordan/Artem Chigvintsev
    Lulu – Anton du Beke/Vincent Simone
    Holly Valence – Pasha Kovalev/Robin Windsor
    Alex Jones – Vincent Simone/Anton du Beke
    Edwina Currie – Brendan Cole/James Jordan
    Chelsee Healey – Artem Chigvintsev/Pasha Kovalev
    Nancy Dell’Olio – Robin Windsor/Brendan Cole


  4. I don’t think they’ll put Edwina with Anton – it would just be repeating last year….


  5. Are you referring to Natalie? :p


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