Epic Win – Show 1 – I’m not too sure about this…


So here we are. It’s 5.30pm on Saturday 20th August 2011 and it is the first show of BBC1s new comedy entertainment show Epic Win! The show sounds like a good laugh from its press release and I just hope that it delivers. If you are unsure of how the game show works, please check out my introduction post here.

I’m glad Alexander Armstrong is hosting. I think he is such a great guy – probably one of the best presenters around. Should be good for such a new program to have him on board. The judging panel consists of comedians Micky Flanagan (the shows permanent fixture) and Jason Manford and Eastenders Nina Wadia (Zainab Masood). The voiceover- and all round sidekick for Alexander- is up and coming comedian Joe Lycett (who will be a regular feature)

Mr Remarkable Man – Shaun Jones, extreme weightlifter

Shaun is going to attempt to blow up 3 hot water bottles until they burst in his time slot whilst riding an exercise bike. He says that he has no idea how his lungs are still going – neither do I! I can’t even blow up a balloon!

Bit of a strange talent! Very odd indeed. I think he must be one of a kind. But how much will the judges value him at? The panel members must decide what Shaun’s talent is worth and they can value him anywhere up to £1000 each – meaning he is valued somewhere between £3 to £3000.

So, as Joe spins the wheel to reveal random amounts, Shaun has to choose when to stop. If he stops the screen on an amount below what he was valued at, he will walk away with that. If he guesses the correct amount he will win that. But if he overestimates his value, he will exit through the Epic Fail door without a penny.

And Shaun locks in his value at £3000 when he was really worth £1,693…meaning he walks away with nothing through the lonely Epic Fail door!

Brian Radem, lawnmower enthusiast and locksmith

Brian will be attempted the name the lawnmower that cut the patch of grass in front of him – sounds impressive! Albeit maybe a little sad…

I’m actually a little concerned about how much time this guy has on his hands to be able to learn the names of different lawnmowers and survey their cuts! Heck, I didn’t even know there were 20 types of lawnmower! Seriously, I thought there was just the run…you know, the one the cuts grass. He has to have got at least 3 of his 5 lawnmowers correct! And…Brian is an Epic Winner! He managed to correctly match 5 lawnmowers to their grass cuttings!

As above with Shaun, Brian has to stop the screen from displaying amounts when he feels that he has found the correct amount. Brian locks his value in at £2,070…and he was worth exactly that! Perfect stop! Making Brian an Epic Winner!

Natasha Ampong – Take That super fan!

Well, I can’t really forget her name. And I was waiting on that ‘Greatest Day’ pun from Alexander! Natasha will be attempting to identify a Take That song with just a second of it being played to her! She says she only needs a second…but can she do it? She must correctly guess 8 out of her 10 clips! How is this possible? How can you tell from an INSTRUMENT? Wowza! Very good! Oops, jinxed her there as she just got one wrong. But, astoundingly, she manages to get 7 correct which means that she must go back to the one that she passed on…and she doesn’t get that one correct which means she is, sadly, the first Epic Fail of the series! Go on lass, through the door you go…

Dan Magnus – professional football freestyler

Our last talented contestant for the night is Dan with his 6 records for free styling with that football! Dan will have to get up and get dressed whilst keeping that trusted football up in the air – but if the ball touches the floor than it is an Epic Fail for this guy! Oh and he only has a minute and a half!

So far so good, he is out of bed and into his tracksuit bottoms. And the shoes. And the hoodie. And the hat. AND HE IS OUT THE DOOR! Fantastic!!! That amused me no end, first one of the night too actually make me laugh! That is such a fun thing to be able to do! I’m seriously bad at the keepy-uppy lark…my record is about 3 seconds…

So, as an Epic Winner, Dan will know go on to play the money game. He locks in his value at £988, which seems a bit low! He is, nonetheless, an epic winner!!! I missed his actual value, apologies, but it was around £2,600 mark…

So that is it for the show! I am personally undecided as to whether or not I like this show. Please let me know how it fared with you by dropping me a comment!

Hoping you enjoyed my blog! Until next time,

Natasha x


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