Week 10 – The Grand Final! – Showcases!

Hello all!

And it’s the grand final! This pleases me for two reasons. 1) It means the best skaters give it their all tonight and 2) it’s my birthday tomorrow.

Thing is, 19.40 until 22.00 is a rather long show…and given the amount of breaks that are in a normal show…I dread to think how many there will be. Take a vote now. 11? No wait, 12? The logical answer is obviously 9 but it never seems to work like that!

I can’t decide whether I want the Sims 3 Medieval…help! Completely irrelevant I know – but then again, so is most of the show. It’s probably going to be the first 20 minutes just recapping the series and the week’s highs and lows. And some silly jokes.

I read somewhere that the wardrobe department threw a hissy this week….so shouldn’t be much of a change there then.

That was a great start! Going to be a cracking show!

There’s 1! Breaks that is….

Sam and Brianne – Showcase

Always my favourite in any dancing show – and normally very show-offy so I can imagine Sam’s favourite as well. Will be looking to see a lot from him! And there is the apprentice feel of it when the other pro members come back! That seems like a weird injury…must hurt like hell~! But the show must go on!

Nice solo start there! He is a very good skater. In that line of 4 he almost looks like one of the professionals! By heavens, those double pro lift/swings! And the flying headbanger! What a high energy and tightly choreographed routine! Very impressive! Looking very strong going into the next skates. High standard.

But he looks in pain.

My mark = 10. Judges marks = 9.5, 10, 10…29.5! Series highest and personal best!

Laura and Colin – Showcase

Somebody attacked the costume department? Well, the boy’s costumes are okay…! Wow Colin can backflip on the ice?! That’s amazing! This feels a little like gymnastics….lots of flinging her about and dancing but not a lot of skating for me. But you can see how strong she is and how fearless she is! I could never do half of that stuff! It was very tough choreography though! But…I didn’t like it ;/ I wanted to….but I didn’t.

My mark = 8. Judges marks = 8.5, 8.5 and 9…26!

Break number 2!

Chloe and Michael – Showcase

Every year on every dancing show somebody does Dirty Dancing – it is like an unwritten tradition. Although, normally to the real version not the Glee muppets. GOOD LORD! THAT SPIN! AHH I thought she was going to fall! I squealed.  The weakest of the three but some very strong moments. Lots of choreography in there but she is the weaker skater.

My mark = 8. Judges marks = 8.5, 8, 9…25.5!

And the lines are open! Who will be going home and who will be performing the bolero?!

Onto the next part of my blog….skate on over!

Natasha x


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