Week 10 – The Grand Final! – Favourite dances!

Hihi….moved over here!

So whilst we vote, the 3 couples are going to skate their favourite dance!

Sam and Brianne – River dance

Urgh. My least favourite routine LOL. But regardless of my opinion it is a routine of skill! Such ice precision and fancy footwork mixed with lifts, tricks and great skating. Transported me to Ireland! Enjoyed it more than the first time! Probably because I knew what was coming! My mark = 9. Judges marks = 9.5, 9.5 and 9.5…28.5!

Laura and Colin – I’m so excited

This was their high energy and fun signature dance! Not too may tricks and nothing too fancy but my god is it performed well! Such a strong skate from Laura both on own and with Colin! It just has something about it with screams perfection tonight! Brilliant! Better than before…looked cleaner! My mark = 10. Judges marks = 10, 10 and 10…30!!!! YAY!

Chloe and Michael – Kiss Kiss / Middle Eastern

Probably my favourite routine from them because I love the song! Wish he had a top on though. Nobody wants to see that. Some brilliant skating and the genre seem to really suit them! The floating genie (according to the voiceover man) makes me laugh! Improved from last time because the lifts seem to be cleaner and sharper! But she still remains, for me, the weakest and 3rd place! My mark = 9. Judges marks = 9.5, 9.5 and 9.5…28.5!

So, that’s it. Chance to prove themselves is over. 3 couples will become just 2 – and those 2 will skate the bolero!

….so who will it be? Well you decide.

Moving on again!

Natasha x


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