Week 10 – The Grand Final! – Bolero!

Hello for part 3!

Oh it’s the class of 2011! Such a timewaster…there is a reason we voted them out! LOL. I don’t really have anything to blog about this! Good to see everyone back together!

So…the moment of truth….SAM AND BRIANNE go on to skate the Bolero! And LAURA AND COLIN join them!

So Chloe and Michael leave the competition in a very respectable 3rd place!

So the votes from before are gone. The slate is clean. So who are the champions going to be? Will it be King Sam or Queen Laura?

Sam and Brianne – Bolero

Well this had all the elements of a great Torvill and Dean style bolero and all perfectly executed with such finesse and precision. Sam does look professional – and also he looks as if he really enjoys skating. That was the skate of a champion. Brilliant. But we won’t mention the ending position Sam. Aye.

My mark = 10. Judges marks = Well they don’t actually have a say. But the public do.  However the judges did love it.

Laura and Colin – Bolero

So graceful gliding across the ice in parts! And so elegant in the back lift which a clean landing – which helps. She really does look professional! It’s such a close final because she was brilliant as well! Beautiful.

My mark = 10. Judges loved it as well.

But they have skated their all. But now the power of the championship is in the hands of the public.

So, after 12 weeks of Dancing on Ice 2011, the winner is…..SAM AND BRIANNE!

Well guys, it’s been a blast but it’s time for me to sign off for a while now.

All my love and thanks,

Natasha x


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