Week 8 – Props on ice!


It’s props week on Dancing on Ice! I heard Issy and Jeff have a table and a chair…which sounds interesting! I mean, table?! Come on! Should have thrown the kitchen sink in to!

House Band singing with Torvill and Dean skating is a nice start to any show I guess. I don’t really have anything to say so I think I’ll shut up.

Ah Colin so totally winked at me there.

Sam and Brianne – Bar Stall

Love this song! Not sure about the House Band! Nice start incorporating the pop – an easy one to get over and done with I guess. Argh HB please shut up. Lovely colour costumes I may add. Sam is officially back this week – much improved from his knock last week and looking professional tonight. Great storytelling and musicality as well. Great routine and great start. My mark = 8. Judges marks = 8, 8 and 8.5…24.5!

Johnson and Jodeyne – Hat and an umbrella!

Aww I love this song and it really makes for a great story. Always makes me think of Three Men and a Baby though. Aw look at Johnson! He has changed! He actually looks confident as a skater! No visible wobbles either! And the umbrella! Bravo! That lifts as well! Wow this is a different Johnson! Brilliant! My mark = 7. Judges marks = 6.5, 7 and 6…19.5! Undermarked!

Laura and Colin – Chair and a cane. Wow.

That was dreadfully close to his face in training! Hope it is alright on the night! Well thank heavens it started okay or that would have been a disaster darling (wrong show). Very technical routine tonight but Laura can easily do that sort of stuff. Very strong skater. Yet don’t have much to say. Lovely prop work there and those lifts really added something to the routine that Sam’s didn’t – being the frontrunners I would say Team Laura tonight! My mark = 9. Judges marks = 8.5, 8.5 and 8.5…25.5!

Jeff and Isabelle – a table and two chairs! Two?!?! Wowza.

Hope the float spin goes okay – I really think she has a gorgeous face and would hate to see it smashed in ice. I love Issy, she is so lovely. Impressive use of the props I must say! I admit to praying when she went under the table that things went okay and I am SO glad the spin worked. Really loved the storytelling throughout that and actually felt a genuine story (I know it’s not but it didn’t feel too forced it was rubbish). My mark = 7. Judges marks = 6.5, 7.5 and 7.5…21.5!

Chloe and Michael – Skipping rope and a hoop! Oh dear!

Interesting version of the song here. Haha nice use of the rope – I had envisaged her skipping over the ice! And hula hooping! Ha nice use of the hoop in the spin! Looked really impressive! That was interesting. Didn’t really get the story element of that but it was a fun routine and very technical. My mark = 8. Judges marks = 9, 9, 9…27!

Right so, see you next week!

Natasha x


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