Week 7 – Team Time!


So it’s group week! Don’t ask what that means because I haven’t got a clue. I know, from the trailer, that Sam and Laura are team leaders and that there is some group skate! Should be interesting – sounds it!

I’m sorry but these Macleans adverts HAVE TO GO!

Oh my! That fall that Issy had must have hurt! And hasn’t Holly got massive?!

So, Team Laura is Laura, Jeff and Denise. Team Sam is Sam, Chloe and Johnson.

Sorry, Jayne does not look good tonight! Good heavens. Moving on; with the show, preferably.

BREAK. Hehehe, 7 minutes in?

Denise and Matt

Love this song. Love Celine. Urgh this isn’t her. Denise still looking a little unsteady and very uncomfortable in that first lift. Very shaky when on Matt’s head and looking a bit laboured around the ice. I think a slow tempo has brought the faults out more. Possibly worse than last week? My mark = 4. Judges marks = 5, 5 and 5…15!

Haha! Got to love Denise’s husband! Legend! And Jason is so rude!

Oh, it’s break time. Wow. I keep seeing this advert for Pokémon Black and White. In my day (I’m only 16 but I can’t think of a better phrase?) it was all about Red, Blue and Yellow! Paha, I had Red and I loved it. Started with Charmander! Used to cry when they evolved because I liked them being small!

Is Holly having twins? She is massive!

Jeff and Isabelle

That fall looks horrible. Poor Issy! And here is a great song! Scott’s fantastic jive on Strictly! *wrong show*. Jeff looks brilliant tonight! Very confident all things considered! And happy that lift went swimmingly! He looks very steady and strong tonight, lovely movement around the ice and some fantastic moves. Nobody really noticed that hiccup there. So shush, commentator man. My mark = 8. Judges marks = 7, 7.5 and 8….22.5 again!

Another break. Gets a little tedious and I am running out of things to say. I still have zero knowledge on skating so my reviewing isn’t top notch but I really would love to do this as a job. I have a follow on twitter who is the TV nut for MSN, I am very envious of her job. It would be awesome.

Sam and Brianne

Looking awful in that colour I must say. Have the costume department thrown all their toys out of the pram again? He really does look like Ray Quinn. Brianne has had a fight with the self-tan lotion. Good lord look at her legs. Anyway, skating wise, very good again. He just gets better. Brilliantly gliding around the ice and very strong in the lifts…also the landings are perfect and neat which is something we weren’t seeing from Denise. Got to love his Stamina as well. My mark = 8.5. Judges marks = 8.5, 8.5 and 8.5…25.5! Ah no 9’s and appears like we are all on the same page!

Chloe and Michael

Okay, that was weird. Johnson just tweeted they were heading up the tunnel. Urgh thing I hate about this song, is that is has been slowed down and elongated so it now makes me what to gauge my eyes out. Love the proper version. Lovely opening move there. Also highly rating the ballet section in the middle and then going into that lift. Apart from the fact that I have now seen that lift so many times it makes me wish they would fall just for some variety. Little slow but still it was cute. My mark = 8. Judges marks = 8.5, 9, 9…26.5! Wow! Highest of the night so far!

Break timeeeeeee. Ah I love this Travelodge advert! They are so cute! Lovely song as well!

Johnson and Jodeyne

What a lovely song! Such a cute routine. Looking scared to do that lift but it worked well! Aww! Was such a lovely routine and he is improving in leaps and bounds. Lovely milestone with the first overhead lift for him. And he looked so at home and confident! Yay! My mark = 6. Judges marks = 5.5, 6, 6…17.5!

Laura and Colin

Love this song. Fast paced though so expecting quite a routine! Not rating the costumes! Great start to that routine! She looks so comfortable skating this week. Stamina is perfect and she almost looks professional! Buckets of technique in that routine and all brilliant executed! Must be dizzy after that ending! My mark = 9.5! Judges marks = 9.5, 9.5 and 9.5…28.5! New series record!

Group challenge time! This has a kind of swing-a-thon feel about it. What a shambles that was.

Team Sam

Very tricky and sticky in places. Looks like Brianne nearly fell out of one of the lifts and Chloe was daringly close the ice in her spin. But high energy throughout, one of those ‘bring a smile to your face’ routines. Nice dance choreography sections as well. Still not seeing the point in it though.

Break time. And then we see Team Laura!

Team Laura

Issy slid there. Never mind. Bit of Status Quo! Love it! Denise has such spirit. Really got to admire her for that. Some nice choreography there in the individual couple skates which added something to the routine and that ending was very sharp and original. Very fun routine and higher in energy than Team Sam somehow!

Jason – Team Laura!

Robin – Team Sam!

Emma – Team Laura!

And the winner is….TEAM LAURA! And subsequently will have their votes doubled.

So, the judges have had their say but what do you think? I wonder who will leave tonight!

Until next week

Natasha x


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