Week 6 – Around the world around the world (8)

Hello there!

Something weird happened this week. I found myself really looking forward to this week’s Dancing on Ice. I really like Dancing on Ice now I just wish the breaks would go away! Started 15 minutes later today so maybe one less break? Assuming it still finishes at the same time of course! And NO KERRY so finally we have a brilliant competition on our hands! Reckon Johnson may go tonight. Sorry no offence intended.

Holly is feeling ill today with migraines so Coleen Nolan is filling in for her. I am a Collette. I love her; I think she is superb. And Dancing on Ice goes global (not bloody likely, you’re not Strictly!) tonight with themed routines from all around the world!

I think Coleen may actually be wearing Holly’s dress there! Ooo a Torvill and Dean routine! How fantastic! I love watching them. They are so superb and I would love to be able to skate even half as good as them. That was fantastic as usual. Although I detest that song. And Tango doesn’t suit ice really. Trying to be strictly strike 2.

On with the show!

Laura and Colin – USA

Oh dear, they have drawn the short straw for the costumes. Colin looks so cute though! ARGH I love this song but it is the Strictly theme tune and I am a Strictly obsessive. Strike 3.  She was brilliant though. The stamina she has on the ice is immense and the way she can execute her moves without being unsteady. Plus, that spin at the end was skilful. I would have been petrified! Good characterisation and musicality as well. My mark = 8. Judges marks = 8, 8, 8.5…24.5!

Break time. 20 minutes. Not bad.

Jeff and Isabelle – Vienna

VW on Ice? This is starting to feel like Strictly on Ice. I love Jeff and Issy though and this routine is elegant and sweet. They look like angels gliding around the ice – Is looks like a beautiful little swan. Aw that moved me that did; it was really beautiful and was amazing to watch. My mark = 7. Judges marks = 7, 7.5 and 8….22.5! New personal best!

Break time. 30 minutes and 2 routines. Pathetic.

Denise and Matt – Brazil

Yuck! Costume department are drunk tonight! Who cut their wages?! Denise looks like she is being taken and lead around the ice and a little unsteady but also showing signs of skill as well in her stamina for the most part. Was a little worried in that last spin as her head looks dangerously close to the ice. Didn’t like it that much but was still a nice attempt. Very Samba and I love Samba! My mark = 5.5. Judges marks = 4.5, 5, 5…14.5! Ooft.

Vanilla and Katie – Spain

Hello JT song! Wow! I love those costumes! Maybe they just got given a wage rise again so decided to be nice. Very Paso-y though, he looks like a matador…I keep going into Strictly mode. He does have a hell of a lot of potential. Rob is a great skater, very steady, extremely confident and perfectly capable of executing high standard moves. I didn’t feel like I got the flamenco element though…it really was a Paso for me. I just missed his personality! My mark = 7. Judges marks = 7, 7, 7.5…21.5!


Sam and Brianne – Ireland

Costume departments not been fed. They are angry. Envious green. I mean look at those costumes. They are meant to look like leprechauns I guess? They just look like idiots to me – but also pretty cute! Haha. River dancing amazes me. It’s so bloody fast and technical! Wow my lord that’s fast! Look at that footwork! Even got a series of jumps in there as well! He is looking more like a pro every single week and I am glad the lift worked because I like Brianne…alive. My mark = 8.5. Judges marks = 9, 9, 9 …27! New personal best and the best of the series so far!

*sings* Express yourself! And break time! I want a snack.

I’m Hungary (see what I did there?!). I never got that snack.

Chloe and Michael – Middle East – (so many things I could put here but won’t)

What an old song! I still remember my dance to this song! And no you can’t see it! Put your shirt back on. Nice routine though – did have a very Middle Eastern feel about it. Nice dance choreography as well as some strong skating (mostly) and lifts for extra effect. Not her best (for me) but definitely good! Getting better every week! My mark = 8. Judges marks = 7.5, 8.5, 8.5…24.5!

Break time! Now about that snack…

Johnson and Jodeyne

Tango. This will be interesting. Lovely colour red! He looks very unsteady again on the ice but he looks neater than normal when he is moving around the ice. He is improving and probably the celebrity with the ‘journey’ element. Nearly slipped over there though and he shouldn’t be stumbling that noticeably (the camera man didn’t help) shouldn’t happen at this stage. He didn’t characterise really well because he is just such a smiley person! My mark = 6. Judges marks = 4.5, 5, 5…14.5!

So that’s it! The world tour is over and we have landed!

So I’ll see you next week! Hopefully we won’t be sailing because I suffer from terrible sea sickness….

Natasha x



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