Week 5 – Ultimate Skills Test!


It’s that time again! Yes! Dancing on Ice. Going to be hard to top last week’s show but let’s give it a shot! Ultimate skills test tonight right? Sounds good!

After last week saw us losing Dave last week, just 8 couples remain skating. After a beautiful opener from Torvill and Dean skating to Rumer singing, it’s on with the show!

Break time first. How silly of me thinking we would see some skating!

Normally, less couples mean a shorter time slot…Dancing on Ice keep the same and fluff it out, annoys the hell out of me.

Chloe and Michael

This is one annoying song. Bad marks in my books! Really strong routine – brilliant use of the skills and fantastically complicated choreography which was perfect for her ability – bad sadly she isn’t yet up to Laura/Sam standard and it will hold her back. Few wobbles and they will catch that. My mark = 6. Judges = 5.5, 5.5, 7.5

Annnnnnnd break.

Johnson and Jodeyne

I really like him. He is such a great guy. AHHH I BLOODY LOVE THIS SONG! Wow! That was almost a different Johnson! No noticeable wobbles and very confident performance. Good use of the three skills and loved that lift! A 1000% improvement since last week! Loved it! Brilliant! A true legend in him! My mark = 6.5. Judges marks = 4.5, 5, 5…14.5! That’s ridiculous! UNDERMARKED.

Laura and Colin

The first of the two main frontrunners. She was really fantastic last week so I guess we are all looking for one hell of a performance tonight. I bet we get it. Lovely song. And wow sweet lord look at Colin in that vest! Fan please! That aside, very confident once again and almost looks professional as they started. Great execution of the 3 skills and also great sense of musicality and storytelling throughout that. Watch out Sam! My mark = 8. Judges marks = 8.5, 8.5 and 8.5…25.5! Again.

And here we go with another break. Need a sit down after 2 whole performances! Ah I swear soon they will start breaking during performances!

Jeff and Isabelle

Ooo that did look a disastrous dress rehearsal. At least he didn’t go over on his spin. Bit unsteady in places tonight but overall and mainly nicely done and I actually enjoyed watching it. I like him. My mark = 5. Judges = 5.5, 5.5 and 5…16!

Denise and Matt

This song massively grates on me. And unless Denise shows massive improvement I think she’ll be gliding out this week. Found what Strictly did with Annie Lennox’s candles. Very slow and actually kind of boring. Unbalanced but still some improvement from last week. Not brilliant though. The skills were in there though which was good. My mark = 5. Judges marks = 5.5, 5.5, 5.5……16.5! New personal best!

Sam and Brianne

Oh how I loved last week’s routine! I love this song! Great musicality running through the routine. Obviously a very strong and confident young skater, that really comes across in his routines. Perfect execution of the spins and tricks in his routine- impressed by the headbanger but incredibly close to the ice with Brianne, too close. Getting better each week. My mark = 8. Judges marks = 7.5, 8.5, 8.5…24.5! Not top. Oh I gave him the kiss of death.

Break time after 3 performances. I think that is a new record.

Kerry and Daniel

I like this song. Hello chair rave! She actually looks more improved tonight! Not great but more spins and skills executed and although no perfect still actually okay! Saw her skating without looking so nervous and like she would keel over any second…every minute maybe! Not brilliant though but finally some improvement (and skating)! However, not much skating really and please go Kerry. My mark = 4. 2.5,3, 3.5….9! Looks like you may be off to Majorca (let’s hope)

Wait what? Is this break really needed?

Vanilla Ice and Katie

Skating to his own song! Haha! Loving the dance moves! And look at him balancing on that ice! Perfect stamina! Lovely skating as well, cute little lift in there and the jumps and skills done very well. Also a really funny and enjoyable routine. My mark =7. Judges marks = 7.5, 7.5, 7…22!

So, who will go this week?

Until next time!

Natasha x



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