Week 4- Movie time!


Announcement. I have decided I am no longer going to blog the skate-off. Sad to see that Jen and Sylvain fell short to it last week…bit of a shocker!

Anyway, it is MOVIE WEEK! I wonder what movies will be used. I think Grease, The Blues Brothers, Moulin Rouge and Chicago will probably come up. I also love the costumes they make every year on theme nights.

Hope for no fireworks between Jason and Karen this week. Last week was ridiculous – he was so out of order! And also I wonder how many breaks we will have! Oh! And if anybody will fall whilst jumping!

Oooo, ITV you have truly excelled yourself! 7 minutes in and a break!

Jeff and Isabelle

Issy is now officially my favourite professional skater – so lovely on twitter. And their film is Phantom of the Opera. Costumes are fantastic; love the colour on Isabelle! OMG I have a tear in my eye! That was beautiful! Elegantly gliding around the ice with lovely lifts; loved the phantom drape (had to wait for the man at the end before I called it ‘the thing where she was above his head) and also so glad his jump went well! He looked so at home! Very brilliant. Beautiful. My mark = 8. Judges marks = 6.5, 8, 7.5…22!

Ah, a break. How novel.

Denise and Matt

Woo! One point to me! They are using Chicago. Actually not even doing points because I picked four at random to type. Oh dear, don’t they look camp. She looks like a penguin again and very unsteady. Survived her jump well but I just found the whole routine slow and wobbly. You can see she loves it though but after Jeff’s routine that was just awful.  My mark = 5. Judges marks = 4, 4.5, 4.5….13!

Sam and Brianne

OMG! MY EYES! Wow bright jacket on Sam. Wow how brilliant was that?! Fantastic story telling! Fantastic song! Fantastic moves! The jumps were well done as well. That brought a smile to my face! Lovely and complicated choreography but so well executed. Like a professional couple. My mark = 9. Judges marks= 8.5, 8.5, 8.5…25.5 again!

Break time! Really enjoying it this week!

Ooo hello random Wicked performance. I love this song. And the skaters.

Kerry and Daniel

Urgh. Annie get your gun. Sorry, costumes not very good here. Again, she looks really unsteady and so dependent on Daniel. She needs to work on her confidence and let go or just go off the show. But the public seem to love her and that was a slight improvement on last week. The final spin was impressive though. My mark = 4. Judges marks = 4, 4, 4…12!

Break time!

Chloe and Michael

She is so adorable isn’t she? Les Mis as well. Looks like she is having trouble showing emotion and skating. Aw she is so graceful and just beautiful to watch. Another tear in my eye! Such beautiful story telling! Don’t really know what to say. Great improvement. Great skate. My mark = 7. Judges marks = 6.5, 8, 7.5…22 again!

Johnson and Jodeyne

Spamalot. Always look on the bright side of life. He still looks very unsteady when he lifts her; which he really should be knocking on the head (the habit, not Jodeyne). But improvement from last week and I thought a little hint of acting skills. Not brilliant but he just is such a guy. My mark = 6. Judges marks = 4.5, 5, 5.5…15!


Vanilla Ice and Katie

Born to hand jive baby! Obviously going to be a very fast routine and possibly very impressive. Katie looks extremely hot in that outfit. The ultimate feel good song really. Great moves, fast and utterly mad. And a random pink car. Thank heavens the lift at the end worked because I quite like Katie. Not his best performance but still very good. My mark = 7. Judges mark = 6.5, 8, 6.5….21!

Comedy Dave and Frankie

He has outstayed his welcome. Song from Hair. Aww! ‘Come on Daddy!’ Aww! Cutie! He looks so unsteady it actually makes me think he could go over at any minute. Better skate than last week but he just isn’t that good nor is he up to the standard the rest are. And they look mental. My mark = 4. Judges marks = 4, 4.5, 4…12.5!

Break time. Last one. Anybody else going to watch the BAFTAs? Comment and tell me!

Laura and Colin

Hairspray! How cliché! Oh attempting this backflip. This will be scary. A few complicated lifts in there! Perfectly done and Laura is a very good skater. Looks as if she is having the time of her life and very confident in her moves both with Colin and on her own. Fast and furious routine as well and that ending was incredibly skilful. My mark = 8. 5, 8.5, 8.5… yay! 25.5!

Anyway so I will see you next week! Thank you for reading.

Natasha x



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