Week 3 – It’s Vegas baby!

Hello my loyal (or maybe deranged?) reader!

It’s VIVA LAS VEGAS week! Vegas baby! And 10 couples become 9! So let’s get skating!

…in about 3 hours…

According to Colin Ratushniak, the opening number tonight is fluffy and brilliant, so let’s see shall we?  Then again, anything with him in is amazing. I think we can guess the song though!

Oh I was wrong! Nice not to hear ‘Viva las Vegas’ as the song. OMG HE CHUCKED HER IN THE AIR! Torvill and Dean are just mesmerizing. Wow! How did they change?! I am a diehard Strictly fan but the Dancing on Ice professionals are just amazing; the skill and precision is just unreal. That was fantastic. Great start.

Okay so we haven’t got the *Phillip voice* ice-pick tonight, just the normal skate-off but we have the skills to look forward to. The steps sequence challenge. Well that should be a laugh for Denise and Kerry. But not for us viewers. Probably a lot of whining- especially the latter.

So let’s…..have a break!

On with it get. Please.

Jennifer and Sylvain

Tiny backwards stumble on her own step sequence but nothing too damaging. Pretty classy performance. Mostly clean cut and a strong start to the show. I liked it. Definite improvement on last week and finally we get to see that she can skate on her own; great potential. Very good. My mark = 6. Judges marks = 6, 7, 6…19!

Break time! Ah I am really not in the mood tonight. Guys remember to watch The Promise tonight. My Auntie is in it. 9pm Channel 4.

Jeff and Isabelle

Isabelle is a lovely lady. Exchanged a few tweets with her this week; so lovely she has time for her fans. Loving the red! They both look gorgeous! Let’s hope he doesn’t slip up tonight. Loved that routine; really fun to watch and almost perfect! That lasso thing was brilliantly done as was that back roll up. He didn’t look nervous at all which was great considering he was almost a wreck last week. And he has a lot of support. My mark= 6. Judges = 5.5, 7.5,7…20!

Laura and Colin

Right. Time to gaze at Colin. I am undecided on who I want to win. Either her or Jeff. Anyway, moving on. My friend Vicky and I were watching Colin’s twitcam the other night. It was HOT! Celine Dion song! LOVE her! Very lyrical routine then; romantic undertone. Great step sequence from her (little stumble but never mind); very confident and brilliant done. Loved that last spin at the end – Laura is fearless! Didn’t show any nerves! My mark = 8. Judges marks = 8.5, 8, 7.5….24! 1st!

Break time!

Denise and Matt

Can’t say I am a fan of those outfits. Whatsoever. She really did resemble a penguin there. I don’t think she lifted her feet properly. She was actually okay in her solo skate sequence considering she looked like she just couldn’t do it in that VT. She really is loving this and putting her all into it which is great to see. I’m just not sure she can compete. Nothing really stood out for me in that routine. My mark = 4. Judges marks = 4.5, 4.5 and 4.5….13.5! Better than 10 but failing to compete with the others so far.

Comedy Dave and Frankie

Oh god. See, entertainment wise I like him. But for the skating side of things he grates on me so much. He is fast becoming the Ann Widdecombe of Dancing on Ice. What a song! Love this track! He is so stiff it annoys me. Bit like a wooden board skating here but actually stayed balanced in his solo step sequence and didn’t make any visible fluffs (that I noticed anyway) but according to that funny man after the performance there was a big hiccup. But still, me no likey. My mark = 3. Judges marks = 3, 4, 4….11!

Let’s take a look at the leader board and then let’s take a break.

Vanilla Ice and Katie

He is growing on me; I like him now. Think this song will suit him SO MUCH. He strikes me as an Elvis type person. However, it is a very fast song and the fall last week obviously knocked him. Ooo doesn’t he looked dashing?! Loving those skates haha. Very strong routine here. Lots of complicated choreography- fast and snappy- but very well executed and all round very exciting to watch. Bravo. My mark = 6. Judges marks = 5.5, 5, 5.5….16!

Johnson and Jodeyne

I have a lot of respect for him. He has been through so much; a genuine hero in our midst. And, skating wise, he is growing in talent each week. That blonde woman in the audience shot there look very bored. Ah great song! He actually looks rather graceful there. Very shaky on the first left; actually thought he may give way there. Not great. But he is growing each week and such a sweet guy. My mark = 4.5. Judges marks = 4, 4, 4…12!

Jason is so annoying tonight. That was horrible to Karen! OF COURSE HER OPINION MATTERS! GO ON KAREN! YOU TELL HIM! Shut up Jason.

Sam and Brianne

Front runner. They currently look like they are on the wrong show. Aw that was cute. Very lyrical sort of routine with a great step sequence from Sam there. He is a very strong skater and confident as well. My mark = 8. Judges mark = 8.5, 8.5, 8.5…25.5!

Kerry and Daniel

Oh if it isn’t my favourite person. This is one of my all-time favourite songs. Now ruined. She is very wobbly and wooden in the solo section. Didn’t like it. Very nervous and a little all over the place. She is going backwards. She looked a little lost as well without Dan and that is something she needs to get rid of; that dependency – because it will be her downfall. My mark = 3. Judges mark = 3, 3.5, 3.5…10!

Break? Me thinks so.

Chloe and Michael

Couple number 10. The last. Wow a lot of complicated choreography there; twists, lifts and spins. All done very well though. Bit nervous on her solo steps but didn’t really stop her from being as good as perfect. Very nice swing number and a swing dance. Very good. My mark = 7. Judges marks = 7, 7.5, 7.5….22!

So that’s it! All 10 couples have skated! So who do you want to see in next week’s competition? Remember to vote and have your say.

See you for the skate-off! (but I won’t be doing it live….prior engagements!)

Natasha x


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