Week 2 – Skate-off leads to Ice-pick! And 11 become 10.

Hello guys!

So it is the skate-off! We find out which 2 couples are the lowest scoring in the public eye and hence are skating for survival….but not for judges support…for their fellow skaters!

So through to week 3 are….Denise and Matt! Vanilla Ice and Katie! Sam and Brianne! Comedy Dave and Frankie! Laura and Colin! Jennifer and Sylvain! Johnson and Jodeyne!Chloe and Michael! And…….Kerry and Daniel!

Leaving Dominic and Alex and Jeff and Isabelle in the Skate-off and facing the skate-off.

Jeff and Isabelle – Steadier this time and flowed better than before and I found it more enjoyable to watch. Much better. But will he be saved from the axe?

Dominic and Alex – Still zero technique. Wobbly and unconfident; possibly worse than last time. But looks like he had a blast! Reaaly enjoyed it! But will the ice-pick save him?

Ice-pick time!

Chloe saves Jeff.
Johnson saves Dominic.
Kerry saves Jeff.
Vanilla saves Jeff.
Laura saves Jeff.
Jennifer saves Jeff.
Denise saves Dominic.
Sam saves Jeff.
Comedy Dave saves Dominic.

So Dominic and Alexandra go home!

So I shall see you next week!

Natasha x


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