Week 2 – 11 couples skate to glide through the next week!

Hello guys!

Well didn’t we have exciting news this week?! So the possible couples leaving tonight will be chosen by the public and then the elimination will be decided by the SKATERS not the judges! How exciting! SO the competition should be very fierce tonight! I wonder who will go. I know who I would like to go but she is annoyingly good…hmm maybe she could go then if they go for the tactical approach.

Time for…some fluff. Ooft Denise looks banana-ish. Ah Sam and Brianne are dating aren’t they?!

Now we can skate!

Chloe and Michael

This is so not Chloe. But she looks fit. Wow! Love that lift that kind of resulted in her kicking! (Getting more technical every week. I can wait for that man at the end to review it and pick up the name!) To me she didn’t look as confident with the routine this week and seemed a little more unsteady this week. Still good though and you can definitely see that she can do it. Great start to the show. My mark = 6. Judges mark = 6.5, 6.5 and 6.5….19.5 again!

Break number 1 of 1000

Johnson and Jodeyne

Bob Marley! To me, he (Johnson not Bob) doesn’t look very comfortable on the ice this week. Looks maybe scared? I’m not too sure but something isn’t there. Bit of a slow start into the routine but a few lifts and moves that livened it up a bit. My mark = 4. Judges say = 4, 4.5 and 4.5…13 again!

Do we need another break?! Apparently yes.

Jeff and Isabelle

Ooo what a lovely blue. Aw love the start; very graceful move into skating. Hahaha he went flying! Oh dear! That lift was brave after just losing his balance there. Admire how he got up and carried on. Anybody else that would have knocked. Started well but went downhill slowly. Hmmm, skate-off perchance? My mark = 4. Judges mark = 4, 4 and 4.5…12.5!

Kerry and Daniel

Well if it isn’t the nation’s cuddly kitten. Hark. Ooo I love this song! Seat rave! Right yeah err skating. Love the cartwheels (ish) over his back. Very impressive because it demonstrated a lot of confidence from Kerry in Dan! That final spin must have PETROFIED her! Although she is too dependent on him and she needs to work on her confidence. My mark = 5. Judges marks = 3, 3.5 and 3.5….10!

Ooo Karen owning Jason!

It’s break time.

Vanilla Ice and Katie

See a slow song is a big test for him and he is a public favourite. Ouch! That looks painful; losing balance on wood is bad enough but on ice is ridiculously painful (I should think). Vanilla is having a nice sing song there. Very graceful around the ice and into the lift. Aw, lovely elegant lunge/slide thingy and a beautiful ended. My mark = 6. Judges mark = 5.5, 5 and 5.5….16 again!

More breaks! ITV are testing my patience now. Time to go to the loo or raid the kitchen cupboard.

Dominic and Alexandra

Woo I really loved seeing a bit of Flintoff there! Love him! Wow, patriotic outfits there! And the floor. Ouch bit migraine inducing actually. Corky looks very unsteady to me again and no massive improvement from last week. Bit more confident in himself with the lifts but I still found it a little boring. My mark = 3. Judges marks = 3, 4.5 and 3.5…11!

Laura and Colin

Yay, my boyfriends on TV! I wish! Right moving on! *blush*. Definitely a very strong couple. Yay I love Latin music! But not Shakira. Don’t ask. Moving on to the skating, very strong and enjoyable to watch. Lots of complicated choreography but very well executed I thought. To the untrained eye it was brilliant. And since the untrained eye is most of the electorate; great stuff. Isn’t he just gorgeous?! My mark = 7. Judges marks = 7.5, 6. 6.5…20!

Break time! Mwahaha! And I’ve finished my work so I shall endure this one.

Jennifer and Sylvain

Aw what a beautiful song! Woah that is one impressive lift and spin! Brilliant and classy! She is so strong this week! Confidently gliding around the ice like there is no tomorrow! Fantastic! Elegant and beautiful. Choreography this week really showcased her talents. My mark = 7.5. Judges mark = 5.5, 7, 6….18.5!

Denise and Matt

Please let this be a little less camp than last week. She looks very scared in training so I just hope than she is over that and that it doesn’t show in her performance now. Actually quite a lyrical performance with emotion flowing right through it. Hit some lovely lines but not continuously the same standard. Some romantic spins in there and I liked it. My mark = 5. Judges marks = 3.5, 3 and 3.5…10…oh.

Break time I should think.


Sam and Brianne

The newly sprung lovebirds! Everybody say ‘awwww!’ He is such an amazing skater! So confident and just generally fantastic fun to watch! Confidence oozing out of this routine here. Lovely moves and brilliant choreography. Such a good end! Really just epitomised Sam’s personality in that routine. Bubbly and funny. Very good. My mark = 8. Judges marks = 8.5, 8.5 and 8….20.5! Again! Very monotonous tonight with the scoring.

Awh way to embarrass them there! Good luck to them!

Comedy Dave and Frankie

Ooo ar, country and western. Oh I do love Billy Ray Cyrus though! Don’t tell my heart my achy breaky heart. Rave. His daughter is so sweet. Oh why is he down there?!  Such a fun filled routine with lots of western dance moves transferred onto the ice but, shoot me if you don’t agree, he just can’t skate! Entertainment factor yes but very wooden and stiff throughout. My mark = 3. Judges marks = 3, 4, 4….makes 11!

So all of our couples have skated! But who will be facing the SKATERS vote (or the ice pick as it has been called 45000 times tonight!)

Join me later to see!

Natasha x



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