Week 1 – The competition begins!

Hi guys!

So it’s TONIGHT!! Finally, the competition starts! We have our 12 stars competing! So let’s see what they have!

….after a bit of fluff. And I haven’t brushed up on my skating knowledge so I would advise people not to read if they want educating on skating.

Doesn’t Holly look AMAZINGLY stunning? Wow she is gorgeous! I wish I looked like her! When is she due?

Vanilla Ice and Katie

Argh he is so good. Those lifts are perfect and his skating is so precise and elegant. Liked the storytelling throughout; really into the 1930’s character himself; however, he didn’t suit it really because this just isn’t him! Good performance for the first week though! My mark: 4. Judges: 5, 6, and 5 equalling 16.

Awww Mazel Tov to Emma!! Pregnant and engaged! (Sounds like a TV show)

Chloe and Michael

Well the lift will be interesting.  Very lyrical and kind of romantic really. How graceful is she? Very spinny…kind of migraine inducing. Woo nice to see the lift work! I didn’t want to see Punch Richard and Judy’s daughter in jail for slicing open his leg there! Aww no, I did love it. My mark = 6. Judges say 5.5, 7 and 6.5….WOW 19!

Another break?! Is there going to be one after every dance?!

Denise and Matt

Oh what a song for her! But oh my, doesn’t she look silly?! Oh did I see a little slip there? How camp and disco is this?! LOVE IT! Denise is looking rather unsteady though and looked positively petrified in the last lift/swing/land there! Not bad; but I didn’t think it was that amazing. My mark = 4. Judges: 3 3 and 3….9 for Denise.

Dominic and Alex

I like these two. They seem to have a good partnership and Dom is a real cricket legend; and in the minority of, whom I would call, celebrities this year. They look like a couple of dancing bananas but she is so elegant as a skater! Dominic looked confident on and around the ice (a little wooden though but…), his timing was just right; meaning he didn’t fall like he did on training. My mark = 5. Judges: 3, 4.5 and 4.

Must be high time for a break.

Laura and Colin

(I fancy him, just putting it out there!) She was very strong in her first skate so I have high hopes for this. They make a great couple; look like such great friends so automatically the trust is there, which is important for the types of lifts in this routine. Complicated choreography but she seemed to pull it off very well. All in perfect balance and all in time. Best routine of the night so far! My mark = 7. Judges say…6, 6.5 and 7…19.5!

Steven and Nina

I loved their first routine! The song and the routine were so funny! Oh they have a great song this week as well but not too sure about those costumes. He is such a joke isn’t he? Looks like he is having a real ball! Some alright skating in parts but then a little shaky in others; he obviously needed that day that he missed badly. Yeah, kind of disastrous. My mark = 3. Judges give 2, 2.5 and 2.5…7 again!

Break time again…thought it had been a while.

Jeff and Isabelle

Very cheeky sort of song; really suits his persona. Wow such tight trousers! Surprised he got back up from that lunge step! That last lift was spectacular! One misplace of the hand and she would have been on the ice and hurt! A few stumbles throughout but nothing too massive and overall a nice performance. My mark = 5. Judges mark: 3, 4 and 4…11 again!

Comedy Dave and Frankie!

This should be hilarious! Last week was AMAZING! Hope they have a great song like last week. Oh swing/jazz should be nice! He looked rather unsteady tonight and the lifts just looked terrible. I didn’t like it. One bit. Awkward and messy. My mark = 3. Judges say 2.5, 3.5 and 3.5….9.5!

Break…oh gives me strength.

Jennifer and Sylvain

Ouch Jen, that looks painful! But it is ‘dug’ not ‘digged’. Very very strong here! Lovely footwork and very elegant skating. Very complicated choreography and even a little stumble somewhere but who cares?! The lifts went brilliantly and added thrill and excitement to the routine for me. Classy performance this week, and she will go far! My mark = 7. Judges say 6, 7 and 6.5…19.5 putting them joint top with Colin and Laura!

Sam and Brianne

The favourite couple I would say and the best so far, the stand out couple! Very strong and confident again this week. Great couple here and certainly potential winners. Great thrilling lifts and a lot of hard choreography there. Brilliant! My mark = 8. Judges: 8, 8.5 and 8.5…..25! TOP OF THE LEADERBOARD!

Johnson and Jodeyne

A hero in our midst. True hero. Going on with a broken finger as well; such an amazing guy. Hope he does really well. He looks comfortable on the ice, well balanced and no clear stumbles (well to me anyway). Well executed lifts, and especially loved the ending! Made her look like a ballerina in there. Also, loving his smile! My mark = 7. Judges marks = 4, 4.5 and 4.5….making 13!

Urgh break again! And next is Kerry the drama queen.

Kerry and Daniel

Really don’t like her. At all. Pains me to admit that she started strong though with that lift…and carried on doing well although nerves ate away at her. She is actually a good skater but people can’t be bothered with her moaning in training so don’t pay too much attention. Loved that ended even though Dan looked as if he was going to collapse. My mark = 5. Judges mark = 4, 5 and 5….14.

So, all 12 have skated for us! So who do you want to see glide into Week 2?

Join me later for my skate-off review!

Thanks for reading!

Natasha x


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