Week 0.2 – Skate-off decides the final 6 couples going into the competition!

Hello guys!

Sorry I am late on parade with this one. I must confess to actually falling asleep before I got to post it because WordPress went down until 11pm!

Anyway, here we go!

So into next week’s competition we have…..dun dun dun…..Comedy Dave and Frankie, Sam and Brianne, Dominic and Alex, Chloe and Michael and the final safe couple are Denise and Matt.

Craig and Maria – Slightly better than the first time, however probably the weakest skater, but has he done enough?

Jennifer and Sylvain – Still very romantic and technically strong considering how little she has been training. I must confess I am shocked she isn’t through already. Obviously not well liked, but is is enough to put her in the competition?

Elen and Lukasz – On par with her last performance and she actually looks very uncomfortable there. I don’t like her, but do you?

And the final couple through the next weeks’s competition is…..JENNIFER AND SYLVAIN!

So next week is when the competition starts!

Make sure you join me! It is going to be a good’un!

Until then,

Natasha x


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