Week 0.2 – The remaining 8 celebrities skate for a place in the competition!

Hello again guys!

Thank you very VERY much for joining me again!

Well it is Week 0.2 with the other 8 celebrities skating and fighting it out for a place in next week’s competition along with the 6 selected last week! All sounds very exciting! However, I haven’t swallowed a book of skating knowledge this week so I am still as useless as I was last week; but I am hoping I can make you laugh. And this week I will report the scores as well! They will be in the order Jason, Robin and Emma.

So let’s get started! (In about 3 hours when they finally get on with it)

Craig McLachlan and Maria Filippov

Firstly I must comment on her hair- I so want! Particularly liked those lunges on which he managed to stay skating and not just collapse into a heap which one might expect at such an early stage…not even a stage really. Loved the routine; great kind of story going around and brilliant choreography which was both nicely executed and fun to watch. My mark = 5. Apparently the judges don’t agree, each giving him 3…totalling 9.

Jennifer Metcalfe and Sylvain Longchambon

Okay so she seems to have really hurt her ribs, but that first lift was perfect. Although she does look horrid in that outfit, she was really good…and better than I thought she would be. The routine was very romantic and it is clear that they have amazing chemistry. That little slip at the end; oh well, it is week 0.2! My mark = 5. And all the judges went for 4…totalling 12!

Dave Vitty and Frankie Poultny

I have finally found the comedy element of Dancing on Ice! Right here! Comic song and a comic routine with some smashing choreography! Not the perfect skating and a little stiff in places but, to the untrained eye looking for entertainment, brilliant to watch! And OMG she does the splits! My mark = 5. Judges give: 3, 4, and 5 leaving him with 11!

Elen Rivas and Lukasz Rozycki

She has excellent legs, I concur. And she is very elegant to watch in the lifts and on the ice in general. Very good posture but, for me, a very slow and repetitive routine. But maybe that it just me, it was a good routine technically (potentially) though but held back by her nerves.  My mark = 2.  Judges: 3, 3 and 4 equalling 11!

Shoot me down in flames if you want but, and I am just saying, I really dislike Ellie Goulding’s version of ‘Your Song’! I am only 16 but Elton John songs should ONLY be sung by him! She has really changed this song into something boring and she actually grates on me. Torvill and Dean were brilliant as per though.

Let’s get…oh wait more fluff! We see the 6 contestants through from last week! Poor Johnson, I am not sure what is worse…his injury or that yellow bandage he is sporting. And Kerry Katona, personally I wish you would be kicked off. Also we have Steve, Laura, Vanilla and Jeff!

Dominic Cork and Alexandra Schauman

I like her; she is one of my favourite pro skaters. Lovely song and lovely outfits. Good skating as well; and I actually expected him to be rubbish, not sure why. He looked as if he really enjoyed it as well. No hiccups and a lot of material in there. Lucky Dom didn’t get kicked when he pulled her through his legs! My mark = 4. And they go for 11 yet again at 3, 5 and 3.

Chloe Madely and Michael Zenezini

Baby I love this song! Loving this! She looks brilliant out there! So great around the ice and perfect lifts and little stints! I think she will go far. Elegant and beautiful! And also a great deal of storytelling in there! The neck spin displayed so much trust in Michael! My mark = 7 and judges give her 16! 4, 6 and 6.

Sam Attwater and Brianne Delcourt

Brianne is my favourite skater! The youth couple here so the song really suits the type of personalities they both seem to have; well Sam anyway. Straight in the deep end with that start there but well done! Wow! Starting with a JUMP! That was brave; it could have been game over right there and then. Confident dance moves and confident moving around the ice, although I think I saw a little slip but well recovered, and an all-round great set of choreography! He is very good! My mark = 7. Judges say 6, 7 and 8….woo 21!

Denise Welch and Matt Evers

I must confess I have been looking forward to seeing Denise skate as I really do like her in whatever she does! Love the song choice but not overly crazy on the outfits. Being an actress, her facial expressions are brilliant! On the ice as well, she is good at keeping her balance and not looking nervous (although she was) and as if she is trying too hard. She landed perfectly from that last lift which could have actually ended in disaster! Technically though, room for improvement. Enjoyed that and I hope she lasts a few weeks! My mark = 4. Judges go with 3, 4 and 3 equalling 10.

So they have all skated; and all done a pretty good job. So it is over to you people! Who do you think deserves a place in the competition next week?

Check back later to see the final line-up after the skate-off!

Natasha x


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