Week 0.1 (technically) – First 8 celebrities compete for a place in the competition

Hello all!

Well it’s 2011 and the nation’s favourite skating program DANCING ON ICE is back! All cheer! Yay! And I thought this would be a great starting place to carry on my venture into the blogging world. I am still new to this, and I know ZERO about ice-skating but please bear with me as I promise to keep you entertained with my silliness and also keep you informed on what is going on.

There are 8 celebrities (assuming the other 8 are next week) skating in tonight’s 2 hour (1 hour and 30 minutes if we take out the breaks) show and they are competing for just 12 places when the competition really heats up (or cools down?) in two weeks! 2 will leave tonight. So let’s go!

Oh don’t we just all love Torvill and Dean?! How amazing are they? As I said I don’t have a clue about skating but I know THAT is how you do it! Oh there are our professionals! They are talented!

Is anybody actually watching in HD? I’m not. Holly looks gorgeous as per. But please, can we just get on with this? This blog is probably going to be a lot of my joking about since they are fluffing about; being ITV. Ooh, we seem to be missing a judge.

Steven Arnold and Nina Ulanova

What interesting costumes! I really enjoyed watching that and I loved the routine they did there! Steven seems like a funny and jovial person and that song helped show that. Loved the lift, thought it was brave on a first dance. Noticed a few stumbles though and he should probably be better than that on this week but I still enjoyed it. My mark = 3

Angela Rippon and Sean Rice

According to the training, Angela isn’t improving well as training goes on, is frustrated and says ‘knickers’ a lot as a curse word. So let’s see how she fares on the ice shall we? Oh I actually liked that. I mean, she wobbled a lot but she actually looked graceful and they used lovely technique throughout; the knee lift thingy was so well done!  Angela looks as if she does have potential. She may be the oldest but that doesn’t seem to matter to her! My mark = 4.

Laura Hamilton and Colin Ratushniak

Started very strong indeed! She seems stable on the ice which is always good and comfortable doing the lifts, twirls and spins which is showing in our great they are being executed. She, to my untrained eye, it performing at a very high standard. She is very good; will go far. Complicated moves in that routine and brilliantly done.  My mark = 7 (I think it is out of 10)

Johnson Beharry VC and Jodeyne Higgins

What an amazingly brave man. He has done amazing things, and for that, I take my hat off to him. Imagine going through all that….and such a hero. What lovely music! Lovely tempo for this routine. He actually looks rather comfortable out there on the ice. Lovely gliding (?) around the floor and a perfect lifting of his partner (perfect in my books is not dropping her!). Really loved it; elegant and pretty if not the best routine technically. My mark = 5

Nadia Sawalha and Mark Hanretty

Well she doesn’t seem over confidence or keen; hopefully she has more positive energy today. That went awfully quick. Very slow starter and not much skating until the middle section and they weren’t over brilliant. I did think she was going to worse though so yes, 9 is fair enough. She just doesn’t strike me as wanting to be there. Hope we see her either go or MASSIVLY change her attitude. My mark = 3

Kerry Katona and Daniel Whiston

Trying not to be biased but I really don’t like her; hoping I can warm to her for ice purposes only. She looks as if she is in pain! Very good leg extensions where needed and actually rather graceful skating. She was actually very good, and her emotion seemed to be put into her skating which is always a bonus. Good technique and a good routine (choreography wise). My mark = 6

Jeff Brazier and Isabelle Gauthier

I like him, so I hope he is good. He looks a little apprehensive and maybe concerned about his skating. Oops there is the stumble! Recovered well and with a cheeky little smile! Bit wooden in parts but better than I expected after the training. Lots of technique in there and had the potential to be a very awesome routine…but instead just good. Want to see more of him though. My mark = 5

Vanilla Ice and Katie Stainsby

Wow I really do not like his character! Still, let’s see! He is good, very good. Stable and very clean through the lifts and the spins. Better than I thought he would be and he seems to be thoroughly enjoying it! That move with Katie upside down took skill! Lucky that she wasn’t dropped on her head! My mark = 7

So the first 8 celebrities have skated. Lines are now open. The skate-off is at 9.30pm where 2 celebrities will be eliminated and denied a place in the actual competition.

Thank you so much for reading.

Natasha x


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  1. hey 🙂
    just wanted to say that.
    woo dancing! ❤ Im backing Vanilla Ice cause his name is so cool and different and for that alone i hope he wins 🙂
    kai bye.


  2. Liked the new set. Think reducing panel to 3 judges is a good idea as they all get to give comments after every performance but Karen should be on there instead of Emma. Her new role is a bit pointless. Haven’t got used to all the new pros yet & I really miss some of my favourites who haven’t come back especially Fred & Mel.

    Vanilla Ice & Laura were the best last night with Jeff & Johnson showing they have potential too. I thought Kerry was a bit overmarked as she didn’t let go of Dan’s hand one.


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