Week 0.1 – Skate off!

Hello again!

So it is the skate off! 2 of our lovely celebrities will be eliminated and will not be competing in the competition in two weeks.

I wonder who will be in the skate-off.

So far…there has been a load of recapping, talking and a break.

Wow ITV know how to procrastinate! Get on with it! I’m aging here!

Okay, so through to the competition we have……Vanilla and Katie, Johnson and Jodeyne, Jeff and Isabelle, Steven and Nina and the fifth through is…….Kerry and Daniel.

So in the skate-off for survival are Angela and Shaun, Nadia and Mark and Lauren and Colin.

Angela and Shaun – Seemed slightly better than before and she really wants to stay but have they done enough?

Laura and Colin – A lot stronger than before and she really does have a lot of potential. Really hope she goes through, but I don’t know, will she?

Nadia and Mark – Probably the least likeable/talented out of the three but a rather average performance. She would be my choice for elimination but that is just me. Has she just got through?

And the sixth and final couple through to the competition stage is….LAURA AND COLIN!

Until next week!

Natasha x


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