Week 12 – THE GRAND FINAL – Part 2!!!

Hi again!

And back we are! I wonder who is going off in 3rd

And that couple is Pamela and James. Wow! I didn’t expect that! Reading on twitter I was dead cert that she was on the actually winning, her supporters were out in full force!

So who will lift the trophy?

Matt and Aliona – Paso Doble

Love the outfits and love the music (stolen from Goughie) The Paso elements were amazing, but then the rest all seemed a little cool and calm. Not so much as aggressive as many matadors I have seen. The lines didn’t seem that good and the whole standard of his dancing seemed slack. However, I didn’t hate it…just didn’t love it! I just don’t know what to write. My mark: 8

Kara and Artem – Waltz

They are just so cute! So well suited – strangely! Love this song; perfect Waltz music! She is such an elegant dancer, I just love watching her dancing in hold and she seems to really love Ballroom (even though she is brilliant at Latin as well). It feels as if Artem and Kara are just pretending to dance with each other in their bedroom or something with nobody watching. You can see them staring into one another’s eyes. So cute. My mark: 10

Matt and Aliona – Viennese Waltz

I did love this dance the first time around. Bit careful but it worked. Wow that went fast. He is a graceful dancer and does look like Prince Charming. He sorted out his hands in his last dance! They looked very elegant together. Just as good as last time but didn’t top it. My mark: 9

Kara and Artem – American Smooth

I love this song! Still! And I LOVED this dance! It was my favourite dance of Blackpool week! Such a graceful, elegant and all round brilliant dance! Flawless then and even better now! Blown away by that dancing. Loved it and could really see the strong love between the two of them! My mark: 10

Group dance – The class of Strictly 2010

I love this song! Group dance was really choreographed. Get to see Ann one last time. At last, we won’t see her being dragged around again. Lovely too see all the couples back together. Especially Jimi and Flavia and Tina and Jared who were knocked out way too early! Brilliant! Full of fun and looked like they all had a blast!


Ooo….tension is rising!!!

And the winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2010 is…….KARA AND ARTEM!!!!


See you next year my friends.

Natasha x


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