Week 12 – THE GRAND FINAL! – Part 1

Hello folks!

And so it is here at last! It’s Saturday 18th December 2010 and it is the STRICTLY COME DANCING FINAL 2010! It has shaped up to be the best final with Matt, Kara and Pamela all shining stars who look very well prepared! I will be blogging about both shows tonight. Kara and Artem are the favourites from my poll to win tonight. I will say now that no show dance will ever be as good or even in the same league as Tom and Camilla’s Show dance in 2008!

So let’s get started….it’s the final 2010!

Is it me or have the pro dances not been up to scratch this year? Anyway…on with the show…

Matt and Aliona – Samba

I missed the beginning of the dance as I fell asleep during the VT…wow that was long! Well, better costumes than the first time and the dance seemed to have more fluidity. Was, for me, easier to watch and I enjoyed it more. Not that I thought it was possible but Matt’s hips seem to have got better and he is still as brilliant as ever with those acrobats. My mark: 10

Kara and Artem – Rumba

My favourites! Aww how cute are Kara and Artem together! I loved this last week because it was the first strictly rumba I have ever enjoyed watching…felt so natural and just right. I didn’t think it could get any better but I think it may have. Kara and Artem seem to look more in love one week on and they do have such an ability to put those feelings into their dancing. What a gorgeous couple. (let’s ignore the lift) My mark: 10

Pamela and James – Viennese Waltz

I love the fact that the costumes are unchanged. This was one of the best dances ever to be danced on Strictly and I doubt this is going to be better than last time because last time was perfect. However, it was more beautiful than last time and actually moved me to tears. Elegant and graceful. Completely topped the last time this was performed. Technique is perfect. My mark: 10 [0000000]

Matt and Aliona – Show dance

Ooft and it’s off to the farm we go. I do like the song though. Now I didn’t really like that too much, I think it was poorly choreographed to the extent that it was more a gymnastics showcase than dancing. Outfits were atrocious and the use of the props kind of made the dance based around two blocks of ‘hay’ rather than technique. Too many stunts and a little on the weird side. My mark: 8

Kara and Artem – Show dance

I love Artem’s choreography every week so I have high expectations for this! Loved it! Not too many stunts and a mix of dances. Saw a bit of the Jive in there amongst others. I think the speed failed them a little bit and a bit of the timing was off but all in all I thought the solo dancing on her part was outstanding and her technique is just amazing. Not incredible though. My mark: 8


Pamela and James – Show dance

That was true dancing with no gimmicks and no props. Amazing dancing, she really suits baby and James is Patrick Swayze. More dancing in that than in Matt and Kara’s put together. Let’s ignore the stumble because it was fantastic the whole way through. A nice combination of dances there and she is brilliant at all of them. Best show dance. But still not beating TomCam for the all-time trophy! My mark: 10

Well, part 1 of the GRAND FINAL is over. I wonder who it will be who finishes 3rd.

I’ll see you at 9.05 for my last blog and the remaining 2 couples performing 2 more dances for us! The winner will be crowned.

Natasha x



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