Week 11 – Semi-Final madness part 2! Minus the Swingy mess!


And back we are! It’s Semi-Final Part 2! Another dance from our five couples AND zero swingy thingy’s ;D

I don’t normally do this but, a mother comment: ‘Scott looks a bit of a prat’. Made me laugh. Anyway.

Scott and Natalie – Charleston

Inclined to agree with my mother here- he does look a bit stupid dressed as a sailor. The cheeky theme of the Charleston seems to really suit him, and that is showing in the quality of the dance. He actually looks like he is loving it and, for me, that always makes for a better performance. However, it seemed a little repetitive…like they repeated the same steps over and over again but that is probably just my untrained eye. My mother didn’t like it either – we met Arlene Phillips earlier and she seems to have turned into her. My Mark: 7

Kara and Artem – Rumba

Since they are in love, I have been looking forward to seeing them dancing the rumba. However, I am kind of scared for them because Kara expressed how she didn’t like the dance much. She looks so beautiful in that pink dress and Artem has his assets on show tonight – together they create the ambiance of the dance. Lindt advert song isn’t it? I normally feel rather uncomfortable when watching the rumba. However, not this time! I could see the real chemistry between them and that made it all the more easier to watch! Like a dream and beautiful! Technique was brilliant and left me with a tear in my eye! My mark: 10

Matt and Aliona – Tango

Wow they are really dragging the VT’s out tonight. What a silly music choice! But, ABBA trivia: it’s the music composition from ‘Gimme Gimme Gimmie! Was that a lift I just saw? Never mind. Hmmm I loved it. Not as exciting as some other Tango’s in previous weeks! His dancing, though, was brilliant and the choreography was good…but something was missing. My mark: 9

Gavin and Katya – Viennese Waltz

Woo, time for my ship to set sail! (Huh? Where did that come from?) Katya has the best dress of the night; such a lovely colour! I really don’t like Gavin’s hair slicked back like that though, but I guess it is part of the Fred Astaire look! Let’s hope the dance is worthy of the compare! Great VW song, compliments the dance really well. He looks brilliant in hold, so postured and elegant (can a rugby player look elegant?). Moving around the floor he was graceful and pleasant to watch- and grinning to himself presumably as he was getting dizzy. Or maybe he enjoyed it- either way I am happy to see him smile. Loved the twirls, seeing Kat at her best. Timing was on the whole great apart from the little bit that Katya avoided a lamp crash! I really do love him in ballroom! My mark: 9

Pamela and James – Quickstep

Ooo, it’s the last dance of the 2010 semi-final! Blogging so much more tonight as I am typing away through these strange VT story things. Pamela is just breath-taking to watch. In hold in Ballroom she is fantastic and elegant and in Latin she is fun and bouncy. She is so bubbly though so it makes it so much more fun to watch her- such a great couple. However, not too keen on these outfits here! Kudos for the song though! Her hoppity-skippity moves around the floor were so bouncy and great! Her solo second was perfectly timed and really added something to the dance. Oh I loved that! But doesn’t beat the VW for her best dance! My mark: 10

So, we have seen them all fight for their place in next week’s final! It’s up to us to decided who we want to place in the final!

I wonder it will be….

See you next week for the GRAND FINAL!!!

Natasha x



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