Week 11 – Semi-Final madness part 1! One dance plus Swingy thingy!

Hello guys!

I’m happy! It’s the semi-final and I have just finished a long Politics essay. And it is Friday! So the whole weekend is ahead of us. Tonight is show number 1 and we will be seeing the first of the two dances that will be performed this weekend PLUS the swing-a-thon (or swingy thingy as I keep calling it) which I fear will be a massive mess….but we shall see.

So! On with the show!

Pamela and James – Paso Doble

Oh it’s Gaga! Not the dance, the song! Don’t put words into my mouth. Her lines are perfect; she manages to looks graceful even doing the Paso. But not pretty graceful, just…well not too stompy- and she looks amazing as well. However, it didn’t strike me as BRILLIANT like most other weeks of hers. Oh, also, I think James makes for a very sexy matador. My mark: 8

Kara and Artem – VW

I must just comment on how unreal her dress is, and how she looks a figure of perfection as per. Anyway, dance, yes, well I am here for that reason. Great song! Okay…dance. BRILLIANT!!! Her lines and her moves are just fantastic! Elegant and graceful; a real joy to watch and a really really beautiful dance. My mark: 10

Gavin and Katya – Samba

I am always worried about the Samba because it appears to be the dance of death in most series but we shall see. Katya looks STUNNING in that outfit and the music is probably the best Samba choice in many series. He was certainly well improved this week and those hip movements probably have most of the UK women in a spin! I think that he did lose timing in a few places, especially when they were going round in those…erm spinny thingys where they chuck each other from side to side (wow Natasha) and that was a lift. But loved it nevertheless! My mark: 8

Scott and Natalie – Argentine Tango

This song is used on a dishwasher salt advert, not that that makes much difference but just putting it out there. I didn’t like that. Oddly, because as much as I dislike them as a couple I do normally think they are good at dancing. However, and as I am writing this I think Craig has just said it, I think Natalie was way in control and that isn’t what it is about. The choreography was good but Scott just seemed to not perform it to his absolute best and also his personality wasn’t very suited to this dance. My mark: 7

Matt and Aliona – Salsa

They should just dance on the desk! Meh they weren’t that good because they had about 1000 lifts (okay 3) and at times he looked lost and puzzled. He was great in parts…and then just not in others. I think he’s peaked…and that didn’t live up. Not too hot. Really hope he is alright in Swingy thingy and tomorrow because he deserves the final. My mark: 7

IT’S SWINGY THINGY (Swing-a-thon) TIME!!!! (I told you I was going to use that!)

Floor war time. I am scared for this. I foresee a few bumps and by the look of those VT’s…maybe a few crashes on heads- which wouldn’t be good! This is going to either be brilliant or a car crash. Let’s see.

We start with all 5 couples on the floor, who all look fantastic may I add! Wow it does look messy! I don’t like this. Katya didn’t know that they had gone bless, I think somebody came on and chucked them off. I really didn’t like that, everybody seemed to be lacking timing and…well swingyness. I think that one shouldn’t be done again. It looked messy but it wasn’t a total car crash. There was some fun tricks to watch though.


Gavin and Katya gone first = 1 point

Scott and Natalie out second = 2 points

Pamela and James out third = 3 points

Matt and Aliona out next = 4 points

Kara and Artem win! = 5 points!


Wow! That hour went fast! See you tomorrow for the 2nd leg!

Thanks for reading,

Natasha x


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  1. Totally agree about the swingathon. Messy is exactly right word. So hard to see what was going on and to compare. Why not show it to viewers in some split screen type of format? No need to see Len holding up a sign, focus on the performers.


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