Week 10 – Let’s go to the movies!

Hello guys and welcome to my movie week blog.

Over the next hour we are getting our tickets and checking in for some VIP viewing.  I have high expections for this but hoping it isn’t another flop like Halloween. The films look like good choices. They are as follows:

Gavin and Katya – The Blues Brother

Matt and Aliona – Austin Powers

Pamela and James – Ghost

Scott and Natalie – James Bond

Kara and Artem – Moulin Rouge

Ann and Anton – Hello Dolly


Well this is an interesting start. Recreating movies. Kristina and Robin make an awesome Sandy and Danny. Great start, now on with the show!


Scott and Natalie – Paso

Wow, what is she wearing?! Well not wearing actually. Family show, per chance. It was great technically but there didn’t seem to be much there, because he seemed to be following Natalie around a lot. But what was there was executed fantastically but the end was copied from Kat and Gav and they ended in a position that was just….odd. And it wasn’t greatly paso-y.  My mark: 9

Ann and Anton – American Smooth

Well she has already said she is doing 4 lifts so you know she still feels she is exempt from the rules.  This was an American Rough but it wasn’t as bad as previous weeks. She did dance a little bit but I wouldn’t say it was any good; at all. My mark: 2

Matt and Aliona – Jive

Was that a jive? I’m not too sure. I loved the theme and the song (although it brought back memories…) but I wasn’t sure it was too much of a jive. Well it was, but the song didn’t seem to suit it so it lost it a little. The character was captured brilliantly and that back somersault was actually amazing. My mark: 8

Pamela and James – VW

Birthday girl! I love this song so much, but not too besotted with the film. Her ballroom dancing is just amazing, in hold she is beautiful. The characters were captured brilliantly! James has the ghost going at the end. Best so far tonight! Brilliant! Loved it! My mark: 10 and I am THRILLED they got the first full house!

Gavin and Katya – Foxtrot

Going out for what we think is our last week we are going to rock this house! Yeah boy! The song is amazing (I love the film). I thought it was really really good! Loved the choreography by Katya and thought Gavin was amazing performing it. Though he was in time and amazing to watch. Best dance so far for Gatya! Shame the public are blind and this probably won’t work. Loved the combination of the foxtrot and quickstep thrown together. My mark: 9

Kara and Artem – Tango

One of my favourite films ever!  Well that is one way of confirming rumours I suppose- awww. That was brilliant! She is just getting stronger and stronger with each week – and she started off strong. She looks a dream and her facial expressions are brilliant. That is probably the best tango of the series. My mark: 10

Okay, judging on all those scores, it HAS to be Ann and Anton! Because everyone else is in the 30’s and Ann is way down in the 10’s so PLEASE GET HER OUT!

I shall be nervously waiting for the result…

Until next week,

Natasha x


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