Week 9 – Back at TVC!

Hello all again!

Thank you for reading my views again.

Katya looks so fit and Pamela looks like she is about to fall out of her dress! On with the show!

Kara and Artem – Jive

I have been so excited for this because they have such a great song. A dress made of foil and Artem just looking fit…what a couple! Loved the storytelling in the Jive and the moves were fantastic – like watching a professional! Oops Artem’s braces have gone but thankfully he rescued them! Brilliant start but not a 10 because she looked flat footed a bit. My mark: 8

Ann and Anton – Rumba

*gulps dinner down* Here we go…I am trying to be nice but she just can’t dance! Go home! THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE SONG AND IT IS RUINED BY VISIONS OF ANN! Truly awful, worst dancing ever and the ‘funny’ start was so cringey and just not funny! My mark: 1

Patsy and Robin – Argentine Tango

Patsy looks like she in real pain! Not a lot of technique and it just wasn’t a wow dance you expect for week 9. She is a glamorous lady though and some of the moves like the lifts were outstanding but I just…well I don’t know…I liked it but not as much as I wanted to. My mark: 6

Scott and Natalie – American Smooth

Scott looks rather ill if you ask me. He is really thin and looking really pale, and that showed in the dance because he looked like he was walking through a lot and not really able to dance. I felt for him a bit. The lift thankfully went well though and he didn’t chuck her over and hurt her! But not that good and not what I wanted to see from somebody of that skill in week 9! My mark: 7

Random break in the middle. What is this thing?! It’s really odd….waste of time…not even going to comment. This is weird; they are all acting like they are on drugs in this VT. They look silly dressed up…GET ON WITH THE SHOW! Widdy is so up herself.

Gavin and Katya – Jive

Here my couple go! Katya’s dress looks gorgeous on her! He looks very fit as well! But didn’t like the props and the dancing wasn’t as great as his past performances! He looks tired as well. The timing was a bit shoddy but the movements and his kicks and flicks were good, they didn’t look that lame actually. I enjoyed it but definitely the worst Latin so far of Gatya’s! My mark: 7

Matt and Aliona – American Smooth

She clashes terribly tonight but what an elegant dance! He is just a professional at Ballroom! The lifts and moves are brilliant! No timing issues whatsoever and he looked right at home! Amazing! Best AS of the series! My mark: 10

Pamela and James – Charleston

I am now scared for James’s life…and manly parts. Great storytelling, but we knew she would be good at this! I really liked it; she just suits this dance so well! She looks a bit tired though…is nobody sleeping?! It was really good though and I loved the ending! The Jordan’s are brilliant at the Charleston! (but still not beating Cola!) My mark: 10

Was it me or was today not that good of a show?

Comment me and let me know what YOU think!

Until next time!

Natasha x


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