Week 8 – Blackpool Baby!

Hiya all.

So, it’s here! It’s Blackpool baby! Samba-ing or doing the AS, the remaining 8 couples will be dancing for a chance to stay with us through the week 9. Live from the tower, we will see some bouncy and bright performances.

So, let’s go! After this fluffy pro number that is.

Patsy and Robin – Samba

I just love Patsy’s modesty. Even though slightly off, the footwork is good but needs work and she has to stay on the right foot. The floppy arm is annoying me and Robin looked as if he was chucking her from side to side on those travelling turn thingys but I did like it! Good start! My mark: 6

Kara and Artem – American Smooth

Kara could look stunning in a bin bag…aw dear poor Artem, that lift was even more impressive. Her dancing is just superb, she has brilliant technique and I just love watching her dance. She is like a professional already. Such elegance and grace! My mark: 10

Aliona and Matt – Samba

I see she is wearing a lot once again! What a figure! I don’t think much of the song, it really isn’t samba and neither was the first Samba of the night either. His dancing is really good, the hip movement is ace (even though, personally, I don’t like watching it) and his gymnastics are A-MA-ZING (and Mum wants me to add that Aliona looks like the little mermaid). Yeah, I say brilliant but I still wouldn’t give it 10! My mark: 9

Felicity and Vincent – American Smooth

I just can’t warm to these 2, but let me see it. Wow hello massive red carpet and elegant dress – Grace Kelly? Very elegant and graceful tonight, real turnaround from her Latin mess last week! Her dancing wasn’t the best or anywhere near as good as Kara but her moves were great and the lift and the end was so gorgeous to see! Rise and fall needs help though. My mark: 7

Gavin and Katya – American Smooth

Yay, here we go! I was trying to keep my views off of my blog but I am Gatya through and through. I am the owner of the Team Gatya twitter account and do a lot of work promoting Gavin and Katya. Don’t drop my girl! Oh dear, return of the nerves in the middle there. He is such a promising dancer and the nerves went for the past few weeks but now they are back. The moves were so good and they looked great dancing together but compared to last week, it was weaker. Great performance though; especially that lift where he held her upright and walked back. My mark: 8

Scott and Natalie – Samba

That was rather all over the place for Scott! The Samba moves were brilliantly executed but it lacked that…amazingness of last week and previous (apart from Rumba) and I really feel uncomfortable watching him gyrating! Downhill slide….My mark: 7

Pamela and James – American Smooth

What an elegant dress! She is superb in ballroom, so graceful and so brilliant. Loved it; every second of it. Watching her twirling around the floor is what the show is all about. Her footwork and when she is in hold is perfect. The lifts were mesmerizing. My mark: 10

Ann and Anton – Samba

Nice to see Big Bird lending his costume out….or is it Pudsey? (Insult, I love Pudsey too bits) And those trousers of Anton, well, I thought Ian’s red ones were bad last year but these are 10 times worse.  Just no comment. He threw her around and she walked around. Anton looked like he was having such fun and Ann just looked bored!!!! And I have a headache now. Killed myself laughing though, because of that end thing where she kind of just spun around.  My mark: 1

Right…Blackpool dancing over for another year!

Until next week.

Natasha x


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  1. Well I have to say ….. i LOVED the show!!!

    I really enjoyed Matt and Gavin – two of my favs and hopefully they’ll both be in the final! I also really loved Kara too 😀


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