Week 7 – Another mix of dances for us to enjoy

Hello, it is lovely to see you reading my blog again!

I understand there are a big mix of dances tonight so we shall see what the show has in store for us. It looks good though.

Pamela and James – Cha Cha Cha

God it appears to take so long to get into dances with all these props! The dancing was strong, she is excellent is Pamela! She seems to get better every week, I really enjoy watching her! Would have liked to see more adventurous moves but loved it. What an opener! My mark: 9

Michelle and Brendan – Paso

Nice song! Red lace is awful for men. I DID like it but not as much as I wanted to. I thought it was danced well but I just wanted to see more from the routine. It got better as she got into it and I especially loved the end. My mark: 7

Patsy and Robin – VW

I love watching Patsy because she is finding her confidence just like me. I thought she danced well actually. Loved that step when they crossed the floor in the swirls (technical terms aye?) I really enjoyed it! My mark: 8

Gavin and Katya – Quickstep

Loved it! Lots of fun and great story telling. That kiss with Bruno was a little odd though. Very jealous! Loved his footwork, it was actually good and on time mostly! Best dance so far! He DANCED WITH PERSONALITY! Brilliant! I really am so glad he has finally woken up and that kiss with Bruno was sexy 😉 My mark: 9

Ann and Anton – Foxtrot

Here we go, it’s that time again! The footwork needs a lot of improvement but it was strangely elegant and reminiscent of the first week….kind of a joy to watch. Not as elegant as it should be but at least she wasn’t murdering Latin this week. She is better at ballroom. My mark: 6

Kara and Artem – Argentine Tango

I have been looking forward to the sexiest couple doing the sexiest dance! BRILLIANT!!!!!!  Her dancing is amazing! The gauchos and everything in that dance was just simply brilliant! I thought she was just sexy and it was romantic and so utterly amazing!!! Best dance of the series. I’m speechless. My mark: 10

Felicity and Vincent – Salsa

I like the music choice! It just kind of looked like the dancing was missing for me…It didn’t seem to pop out and wow me like it should do for week 7. I wasn’t too keen on the choreography either. My mark: 4

Matt and Aliona – Rumba

He is just like perfect at dancing. He looks comfortable doing the Rumba which is odd for a male celebrity. Really enjoyed it, think he is certainly off to the final, let alone Blackpool! However, hasn’t overtaken Kara as the best dancer of the night. My mark: 9

Scott and Natalie – Jive

Brilliant for a jive. Very bouncy and fun to watch. His kicks and flicks were really good and the dancing was very good. Hated that door frame though. Point off! My mark: 9

Love you guys!

Natasha x


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