Week 6 – Polishing those dancing shoes after halloween

Call me the Halloween scrooge, but, I am very pleased that it is only once a year. Time for strictly to go back to normal! (Well, as normal as a show where hold doesn’t seem to matter and you can use props until your heart’s content can be…)

New for this week: My scoring 😀 I don’t think I have the time to go back over the past episodes and mark myself, so I shall start from here.

Kara and Artem – Salsa

Really high hopes for this. Costumes are looking gorgeous. 10/10 for music! But it makes me think of Lilia and Julian on tour! That was amazing! The moves and the cartwheels were so well executed…especially that one at the end that turned into a drop move after (that isn’t too technical is it?) Thought it was brilliant! My mark: 9

Pamela and James – Foxtrot

Her dress is pretty amazing. She is so amazing in ballroom – so pretty and elegant, like she was made for it. Love it. Love it. Such swirling with grace and well executed steps! However, there were a few slips; hence my score. My mark: 8

Felicity and Vincent – Paso

Another fantastic music choice if you ask me! 2 off the trot for Vincent! And her dress is amazing but not sure about the hair, looks albeit odd if you ask me. I didn’t like it as much as I wanted to. It looked great in training but, on the floor, it didn’t look that good. I mean, it was good but it just didn’t have that strictly finesse that people like me (the left footed writing geeks) look for. My mark: 6

Jimi and Flavia – Quickstep

I loved the kicks and that at the start! Brilliant! Loved the moves around the floor. To the untrained eye, they looked perfect! His facial expression and storytelling is just great and her choreography is so good! But the arms need work. My mark: 7

Matt and Aliona – VW

Props are automatically clouding my judgement for this dance. That was so beautiful and twirly! Elegant and great! Really liked how he kept composed during the swirls…considering he was pleading feeling sick every training session. Not too keen on that ending though…hello DWTS. My mark : 9

Ann and Anton – Charleston

I really am excited for this, although, I hope she has a good bra or else she may knock herself out *puts claws away* this is going to be a real laugh though. Really comical dance! It was very well acted but not too well danced. I did love watching Anton though, he really suits the Charleston. Think he put his back out, though. My mark: 2

Michelle and Brendan – Waltz

I have high hopes for this; training looked amazing. Love her dress- simply stunning. I just love her in hold because she looks so happy and you can see that in her face. Loved the twirls and thought they looked very elegant together. My mark: 7

Patsy and Robin – Cha Cha Cha

Massive smile watching this dance because I am exactly like her with zero confidence, and her finding it and coming out and doing this makes me feel like I can do it as well. Like her dancing very much tonight. I think it is very good but not her best dance to date. My mark: 7

Scott and Natalie – Rumba

Wonder how that hamstring is. Bit of a risqué costume. They appear to have brilliant chemistry and they pulled the Rumba off very well. I did like it but I didn’t think it was as good as his other dances – he looks a little too masculine for this dance. My mark: 8

Gavin and Katya – Cha Cha Cha

I really did like that. He looked at home! I really loved the moves and everything. It was his best dance to date! Lots of hip action and it was brilliant moving around the floor. Oh and, hottest male of the night by far.  My mark: 9


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