Week 5 – 30th October 2010 – Halloween Horror

(normally my blog title would be dance 1 and dance 2 and that would be the performance order but due to Aunty beeb it’s 4 dances :@)

Okay, not liking this AT ALL. I just hate Halloween. Bloody pagen festival! Hate it!!!!! Was that Paso recorded? It was hot but looked a little…odd. And this is too OTT for me…but it is about the dancing after all…

Pamela and James – Jive

Nice costumes! I like the devil that is Jordan! Pamela looks very…pretty. Love her kicks and flicks! I think she was better all the other weeks though. But I did like it, it was pretty good. Great first out.

Tina and Jared – AT

I expected Jared to be too young for this but, for me, I actually thought he was rather good so, of course, Tina was good as well. It was sexy and her outfit was amazing! So yeah I loved it.

Artem and Kara – Paso

I can’t concentrate! The gimmicks and the costumes are driving me insane! At least Kara has a nice outfit on! Love this song! Did love the routine, her best dance! High scoring deserved!

Patsy and Robin – Jive

MONSTER MASH!!!!!! Loved it purely for the song. Pretty good routine actually, suited her! She isn’t bad but not her best! Preferred the Charleston!

Vincent and Felicity – VW

This music is WIN!! LOVE THE TUNE! Loved the routine! BEST routine so far tonight!! Less props are more dancing!!!

Jimi and Flavia – Paso

Thriller time. Wasn’t impressed. The routine was, for me, average. I thought Jimi was going to blow me away but I stayed firmly in my seat.

Michelle and Brendan – Jive

LET’S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!!! Okay well that was odd. The costumes were so scary and silly! I loved the Jive though. The technique was rubbish is places but it was fun to watch! It was….the acting was amazing! Brendan is so talented! And on 2 days training, not bad!

Gavin and Katya – Paso

That VT was so funny! Haha he is getting aggressive…very sexy. Making Gavin shirtless?!! FIT!!! And she is really sexy! Right dancing…I thought it was good and sexy! I really liked it and Gavin actually danced! I loved the choreography and really thought it was danced well.

Scott and Natalie – VW

Nice joke Bruce! It was a good routine but I just CAN’T warm to him! But he is such a good dancer! Highest score of the series!

Ann and Anton – Paso

She leans all the time! Gah! OMG did love that! For the wrong reasons! Not very good technically at all. But his spinning her about and lifting her was GOLD!! I did like it! He is brave and strong…and he looks sexy!

Matt and Aliona – AT

She clashes badly and Meatloaf was a bad choice! I expected to really love that but I didn’t. It wasn’t much of an AT but what was choreographed by her was well performed by him. Front runner!

Thank heavens Halloween is only once a year….

Natasha x


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  1. Love this 🙂

    Totally agree about the gimmicks. Hate them, and the props. MORE DANCING.



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