Week 4 – 23rd October 2010 – My two favourite dances!

Jimi and Flavia – Charleston:

Full of energy! Facial expressions were brilliant…loved it! The props annoy the hell out of me though. Loved this dance overall….entertaining and a great start to the show.

Scott and Natalie – Tango:

Really not sure why Natalie is in yellow because it doesn’t suit the dance or the music. However it was a really good dance, no denying that, but his hand isn’t quite placed well.

Tina and Jared – Charleston:

I LOVE HER DRESS! It looks so cute on her! This looked really brilliant in training, so much energy and fun.  Really good dance, full of fun and Jared looked right at home!

Felicity and Vincent – Tango:

LOL at the training clip! Very fruity Loved the Tango! Was just such a good routine! They look really good together! Kissy kissy at the end there aye!

Patsy and Robin – Charleston:

Bit of Laila and Chris from last year but a very good routine. Well would have been, but she lost it a lot and they didn’t come together at all. Don’t like the look they gave her either and she needs to stop talking herself out of the competition.

Gavin and Katya – Tango:

Katya has the best dress of the series so far! Love red! Not the most romantic but I thought the body contact was there. He needs to get over these nerves though, it is showing! I think it was passionate and a brilliant routine from Katya, she does know how to use his ability.

Peter and Erin – Charleston:

More props!!! Erin looks amazing in that outfit…she is very glamorous. Didn’t really like the routine, or the way Peter danced it. Sorry.

Pamela and James – Tango:

This is just brilliant! Such a great and sexy tango! Loved every minute of it. Her kicks and flicks are amazing. Her facial expression is brilliant and James looks sexy with a beard!! I do love her, she is a great character!

Matt and Aliona – Charleston:

I really don’t like the outfits. Matt is really talented, shaping up to be the next Tom Chambers I think! Great routine. Lots of fun and energy, and entertaining to watch! He is very confident flinging her about like that, great great dancer! It was, however, a little too showy towards the end…. He is a real contender for the trophy.

Michelle and Ian – Tango:

What a shame to see Ian though. Such a sad story for Brendan, I wish him all the best, poor bloke. Dancing with Ian seems to have given Michelle an incentive to do better this week- and it shows! Her posture is great this week. Love her footwork, even though it isn’t the best! Great dance! Hated the music though.

Kara and Artem – Charleston:

Aww Artem seems to be one of the family! Wow at that outfit! They are one hot couple! Loved the Charleston! Was really fantastic. Great choreography and a great routine! …one horny Bruno there…

Ann and Anton – Tango:

HERE WE GO! The moment we have all been waiting for! WIDDES FACTOR MEETS CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG! I like what she is wearing, elegant! Flying Ann is great!!! OMG I told Anton to use a rose on twitter, but I am sure he had the idea before! It actually isn’t a bad tango, not that I can really watch it after seeing Ann flying down from above in that harness! Great roleplay! BRILLIANT!!!!

Until next time…

Natasha x


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