Week 3 – 16th October 2010 – Quick and raunchy!

Kara and Artem – Quickstep:

LOVING HER DRESS!!! Wow loads of energy in that. Really really brave running down those stairs after her stack in the first week. Really liked it! I agree with Alesha, I loved the spin the music put on the quickstep. Correct marking!

Felicity and Vincent – Rumba:

Loving her dress.  I don’t know if I liked that or not, it was a lot of dragging around the floor. It was very hot and steamy though. Had massive chemistry in it, it was good technically! Little Miss Bendy!

Patsy and Robin – Quickstep:

Ravishing in red again! I think on the fast turns, Robin appeared to be shlapping her around the floor and she looked a little lost and a little gallop like. Good attempt though, I actually quite enjoyed it. A little wardrobe fail there as well. Not technically perfect but a good try!

Paul and Ola – Rumba

Rumba with Paul time! What a beautiful colour for Ola to be wearing! Aww that was sweet! Loved the magic props. Technically, erm not so good. Not so good at all. But I kind of liked it…not a lot…but I liked it 😉

Matt and Aliona – Quickstep

Matt was so good! Such a fast and brilliant routine! Loved the song! Not too crazy on the wardrobe. I envy him! Front runner me thinks.

Gavin and Katya – Rumba

I really loved that, I loved Katya’s choreography. Her dress is amazing and his look is so sexy tonight! He did really well, he was scared and this is not his dance. He had such a tough time with it and it was really good. I had a tear in my eye actually

Scott and Natalie – Quickstep:

He is really good and Natalie is a good choreographer! Don’t like the dress or the music though but nearly perfect!

Michelle and Brendan – Rumba:

She looks like Cleopatra! I really liked it! Thought the song was amazing and Brendan is the best male choreographer! Well performed and improvement on her first Latin! Great chemistry and she had confidence in herself, which was nice to see.

Peter and Erin – Quickstep:

HE IS DANCING! Not A-MA-ZING but I certainly really liked it! Very good and full attempt, improvement on his last ballroom! He looked more at home, but that is possibly because of his goalkeeping experience!

Jimi and Flavia – Charleston:

I’ve never really noticed how good of a dancer Flavia is. I love these two, they, as a couple, are brilliant and fun. Good choreography and well performed, at the most time anyway. Some bits were a little ochen vey.

Ann and Anton – Quickstep:

Love Ann, in training and when she dances! Her VT was brilliant! Such a comedian! She is good at ballroom actually, I enjoy watching her. Not sure for what reasons though! She is entertaining isn’t she? Really enjoyed it! She was…..good!

Pamela and James – Rumba:

I really loved the training footage! James taking the micky out of Pamela’s fall. But it was incredibly funny and so spectacular! Shimmy and clap and laugh and smile! Hahah, no seriously, such a romantic dance this week. I really really enjoyed it. Dance of the night.

And onto next week we go…

Natasha x


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