Week 2 – 9th October 2010 – And switch!

Matt and Aliona- Foxtrot:

TOO MUCH LIKE A TANGO! But I loved it, they have amazing technique! Going to go very far. Loved the song and the singers as well! She Said ❤

Peter and Erin – Salsa:

Give me Erin’s abs. Not that good but I think Peter had a good shot! Knocked the nerves a bit! I think it was good attempt

Tina and Jared – Foxtrot:

So cute, love Jared! Beautiful dance, she is growing more and more in confidence, much better footwork tonight

Patsy and Robin – Salsa:

Patsy seems more confident this week! Loving the dress, but it looks like a slip. I actually really liked it! For 3 hours training, that was brilliant! Loved the bit over the desk, sexy! Agree with Alesha (did I just say that?!) different woman tonight!!!

Paul and Ola – Foxtrot:

Oh oh dear dear. Her dress is amazing though. He looks like he is having so much fun though. I wrote that oh dear before the dance, it actually was alright, he did look a little lost though.

Scott and Natalie – Salsa

Nice to see Ola’s show dance trousers again. This is a bit of an odd salsa. Music isn’t Salsa, nor the outfits or the dance. It was good, though. Technically he is brilliant.

Michelle and Brendan – Foxtrot:

Oh hello random bench! Wondered why the VT was a few seconds longer. Love her dress, beautiful colour! I really enjoyed it, way better than last week, beautiful in ballroom! I think she has bags of potential.

Goldie and Kristina – Foxtrot:

Wow, ballroom is so much better for him! I really liked it! Very Bugsy Malone-y!…bit like those movements in silent movies!

Pamela and James – Salsa:

So cliché at the start!!!! Loving James’s beard, very sexy! Great routine, really well danced. I like her hair, and her figure is unreal!

Felicity and Vincent – Foxtrot:

I really like that dress, favourite colour and my prom dress colour. Love this song! Really really liked her dancing of it thought it was good! Slightly undermarked.

Ann and Anton – Salsa:

Funny start! It’s like he is dancing with bubba! Oh dear that was bad. But oh that was funny! Loved the story telling in it! I really did like that actually. One and unique!!

Kara and Artem – Foxtrot:

Loving the song, what a good choice! 😛 I loved their dance, it was brilliant! So happy she didn’t fall and that dress is A-MA-ZING.

Gavin and Katya – Salsa:

The VT made me laugh so much, Gavin is hating this isn’t he? L I think that Latin isn’t his strong point but I do think that he was good! I love his chest by the way. I think the dancing was good, the Latin wasn’t that amazing but he is a shy boy and that was good attempt!

Flavia and Jimi – Foxtrot:

Flavia’s dress is stunning. I think Jimi’s technique is very good, he will go very far. He danced that very well. Love them as a partnership.


Natasha x


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