Week 1 – Show 1 – 1st October 2010 – And we’re off!

The opening credits: BRILLIANT! Very glam and glitzy. Not sure what is with the close up of Katya’s leg. Think it is a lot better than previous years though! More….interactive…like you can feel the dancers more than before! Glad the tune is still the same though.

Please, BBC…do yourself a favour and LEARN TO SAY VIRSHILAS!!!!

Felicity and Vincent- Cha Cha Cha:

Well, there was a surprise. I didn’t expect them to be that good, but actually, if she could beat those nerves and let her hips move, they would have been absolutely brilliant for the first week! Instead they were great for the first week….even if that yellow dress gave me a headache…

Scott and Natalie – Waltz:

Look, I see it was good dancing and I understand it was a great first attempt, but I think that it was too far away from the Waltz. And a little cheating going on but we won’t go into that!

Goldie and Kristina-Cha Cha Cha:

Didn’t like Kristina’s outfit either, looking like a cheerleader…but she is sexy so it’s okay. Wasn’t too sure if Goldie knew he was live on Strictly Come DANCING. More like chuck out time at the pub. Sorry guys but I wasn’t keen!

Patsy and Robin – Waltz:

Patsy had the most amazing dress I have ever seen, gorgeously suited to her. Loved their Waltz, thought it was very cute and Waltzy. Brilliant first dance. I just wish she lost the nerves to improve it.

Pamela and James – Waltz:

HOW BRILLIANT?! I was expecting bad but got brilliant! I did love her, she did make me laugh in her VT but her Waltz was brilliant.

I did laugh a lot at their VT, brilliant fun. AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES.

No, I shall stop joking now. The dance was elegant, graceful and downright beautiful. Loved that dress as well! And great music choice….what more could you want?

Paul and Ola – Cha Cha ‘Cha’:

I was in stiches at the VT…he is such a funny guy! The training clips were hilarious; he is like a little kid! Wish he was my Grandpa!

The props were so DWTS though and not SCD….didn’t like!

I loved this but for all the wrong reasons…mostly because she was dancing and he was walking around and singing karaoke!

Onwards and outwards…

Natasha x


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