Show 2 – Week 1 – 2nd October 2010 – Part 2!

Jimi and Flavia- Cha Cha Cha:

What a routine! Loved the outfits and the song very much (‘go baby go baby go’ was stuck in my head for the next few days though) Great for a first dance and can’t wait to see more of the North London ‘Shimmi-Jimi’!

Erin and Peter – Waltz:

This was a shock for me, because I actually thought it was pretty good! I think Peter was a little stiff but only from nerves and hopefully they shall disappear during this week! Loved the footballs on Peter’s jacket and Erin looked a picture! But that bit at the end, Peter looked like he dropped her…but he didn’t! I liked the ending!

Michelle and Brendan- Cha Cha Cha:

Disappointed in them, but that is probably our own fault for expecting too much. I just didn’t feel like they connected with the dance and the audience. Didn’t rate the outfits much either!

Gavin and Katya – Waltz:

A-MA-ZING I say, because if you look back to the launch show I had seen trees move more than Gavin did. Then tonight, looking gorgeous in his tails, he was just a changed man! Okay, he has room for improvement but, in my opinion, Katya has come a very long way with him.Katya had the best dress of tonight and second best overall (Patsy’s red dress being the best). Hope we saw more of this, could go far.

Jared and Tina – Cha Cha Cha:

Hey this was not as good as I wanted to see. However, Jared looks outstandingly cute in that outfit and those glasses! He is a cutie pie! Even Tess went all High School Musical fan girl on him! Anyway, dancing, yes. The song was a tacky choice and the choreo could have been better but, all in all, I rather loved it! The cutest couple by far! Jared did look although he may cry though…and the props have to go! He will get better and better every week!

Anton and Ann – Waltz:

The biggest surprise to ever shock me on Strictly. I was expecting TERRIBLE and actually got GOOD. Technically dead but strangely beautiful! I thought Ann and Anton were graceful in their own way and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Kara and Artem – Cha Cha Cha:

Wow Kara’s outfit. I didn’t like it, too weird for my taste (like Morticia from the Addam’s family on a night out) but wow! And combined with Artem’s chest….what a sexy and hot couple! …oh yes, the dancing! Thought it was brilliant for a first go, looked very good on camera as well, captured them having fun and full of life! They are going to go far! As long as they don’t have any more falls that result in Kara spending minutes on the floor!

Until next week….

Natasha x


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